Electronic Music Course of Study
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The second course in the electronic music series introduces students to the tools of the trade. Music 123 explores classical studio techniques of composition, starting with basic recording and digital editing and moving up to to hard drive multitracks and mixing. We also cover signal processing devices and the basics of synthesis. Each weekly assignment offers both technical and musical challenges- students have no trouble finding enough to do in their eight hours studio time.

123. Electronic Sound Synthesis
Offered in Winter
Introduction to electronic music studio techniques, relevant electro-acoustical studies, and procedures of electronic music composition. Practical experience in the UCSC electronic music studio using computers as well as analog and digital studio equipment. Prerequisite: see the enrollment conditions section in the quarterly Schedule of Classes. Students must have completed course 80C and placed into Music 30A on the Music Placement exam or completed Music 14. An application form will be available at the board office during the last two weeks of the previous quarter. Preference is given to music majors, students working in the digtal arts, and those with substantial musical experience.
Enrollment limited to 25.
Instructor: P. Elsea