A Concert by Students of Electronic Music May 13, 2001

The linked pieces are in MP3 format. Some were skipped because I'm running out of space.

Pendulum Music	                     Steve Reich (1968)
Tango Mechanica [1.4mb]	          Marc Sciglimpaglia
Questions	[3.1mb]                    Paul Mills
The Sound of The Beep	 [2.5mb]        Renee Savage
1.0	[1.5mb]                          Brian Rabben
Etude for Analog Synthesizer	 [1.8mb]  Brian Gauthier
Innovation	                           Chaim Peter Chester
The Joe Minicello Experience	          Joseph Minicello
Sirens	[4.7mb]                    Dante DeSilva
Techno Piece	[1.4mb]              Harry Mack
Rhythm Cell	    [1.1mb]                Kristin Allen
A Drink to Sundown	                Paul Viotti
Zap Dance	[2.2mb]                    Adam Cotton


Strolling down the Moon	[2.9mb]   Caroline Gregg
Chimes	[2.5mb]                    Michael Karman
Apartment 1222	                     Ellen DeProto
Go	[4.9mb]                          Mar*z Churgel
Converse: Reality	                     Danny Alfaro
In Gilead	                           Erica Mulkey
2.0	[1.4mb]                          Brian Rabben
Wise One	                           Leaf
Third Phase	[2.7mb]                    Robin Shields
The Best Part of Waking Up [1.1mb]     Val Hall
Waking Up Under Water	[1.1mb]         Val Hall
Untitled	                     Leaf - - Video by Myrica
To Be Alive	                          Marc Sciglimpaglia
Boombay Say	                          Tapio Schnaars
Three Part Cloud Botique	[6.5mb]  Soren Goodman
Sweeping Recollections of 
My Childhood & Mother	               Micah Rabwin
Once And for All 	[1.7mb]              Anton Patzner

The UCSC Electronic Music Studios are under the direction of Peter Elsea