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The Grateful Dead and the Deadheads: An Annotated Bibliography

By David Dodd
and Robert G. Weiner

"What an amazing work--a labor of love and a definitive record. I had a feeling someone was out there, someone noticed... Thanks for collecting all the scattered bones, for making history come alive. And thanks for the memories!"
--Mickey Hart
March 1997

Published by Greenwood Publishing in May, 1997. The Grateful Dead and the Deadheads: An Annotated Bibliography contains annotated entries for over 2800 separate books, articles, papers, and chapters about the Grateful Dead's 30-year history and its fans, a unique group in American popular culture who have their own identity, the Deadheads. It includes every book published about the band, every article which appeared in a major magazine or journal, chapters and entries in books, and articles from The San Francisco Chronicle and The San Francisco Examiner newspapers. The Grateful Dead appeared on the San Francisco music scene in 1965, and over the course of their career inspired a wide array of writing, ranging from feature stories to fiction, from ecstatic discourses to academic dissections, and this bibliography includes the entire spectrum. Many entire magazines were devoted (and remain to be devoted) to following the band, and this bibliography chronicles the material which appeared in those fan magazines, which include Spiral Light, Unbroken Chain, Mikel, Relix, The Golden Road, and Dupree's Diamond News, none of which is regularly indexed in standard sources. The indexing is thorough and includes, in addition to the normal author, subject and title indexes, an index to artists and photographers, since the Grateful Dead has inspired a large body of artistic and photographic work.

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First posted: November 25, 1996
Last revised: June 5, 1998