"What a crazy sound..."

The Annotated Grateful Dead Discography, continued

An installment in The Annotated Grateful Dead Lyrics.
By David Dodd
Research Associate, Music Dept., University of California at Santa Cruz
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  1. GOLDEN ROAD (October 16, 2001)

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    See Rhino Records' press release.

    12-CD boxed set featuring the first 9 Warner Brothers releases, plus added material. More detail to come.

  2. GRATEFUL DEAD (March 17, 1967)

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    Warner: WS1689

    Produced by Dave Hassinger

    San Francisco's Grateful Dead:

    Cover design: Mouse Studios; Collage: Kelly; Cover photo: Herb Greene; Liner photo: Gene Anthony


    1. "The Golden Road (To Unlimited Devotion)": McGanahan Skjellyfetti
    2. "Beat It On Down the Line": Jesse Fuller
    3. "Good Mornin' Little Schoolgirl": H.C. Demarais
    4. "Cold Rain and Snow": McGanahan Skjellyfetti
    5. "Sittin' on Top of the World": Jacobs-Carter
    6. "Cream Puff War": Garcia
    7. "Morning Dew": Dobson-Rose
    8. "New, New Minglewood Blues": McGanahan Skjellyfetti
    9. "Viola Lee Blues": Noah Lewis

  3. GRATEFUL DEAD (SKULL & ROSES) (October, 1971)

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    Warner Bros: 2WS1935

    The Band

    Live recording for Alembic by Bob and Betty

    Art work: Kelly; Photo: Bob Seideman


    1. "Bertha": m: Garcia; w: Hunter
    2. "Mama Tried": Merle Haggard
    3. "Big Railroad Blues": Noah Lewis
    4. "Playing in the Band": m: Weir; w: Hunter
    5. "The Other One": m: Kreutzmann & Weir; w: Weir
    6. "Me & My Uncle": John Phillips
    7. "Big Boss Man": Smith-Dixon
    8. "Me & Bobby McGee": Kris Kristofferson & Fred Foster
    9. "Johnny B. Goode": Chuck Berry
    10. "Wharf Rat": m: Garcia; w: Hunter
    11. "Not Fade Away": Norman Petty & C. Hardin
    12. "Goin' Down the Road Feeling Bad": trad.; arr. Grateful Dead

  4. GRATEFUL DEAD 1977 - 1995 (September 17, 1996)

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    Arista: Selection #: 07822 - 18934 - 2/4


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    Distribution: Swell/Artifact: (S/A 1969-1996)

    Music [various versions of "Dark Star"] performed by the Grateful Dead; Produced by John Oswald

    Note on cover art: "The rose-eyed skull collage is designed and compiled by John Oswald, realized by Greg Van Alstyne, and is based on a 18th century vanitas painted by Thys Claesz..."

    Essay by Rob Bowman

    Tracks: (All compositions by "Skjellyfetti/Oswald" except where noted)


    Warner Bros: BS2721

    "Recorded by Bear and produced by Owsley Stanley"

    "Recorded 'live' at Bill Graham's Fillmore East, February 13 and 14, 1970"


    1. "Katie Mae": S. L. Hopkins
    2. "Dark Hollow": Bill Browning
    3. "I've Been All Around This World": trad.; arr. Grateful Dead
    4. "Wake Up Little Susie": B. Byant & Felice Bryant
    5. "Black Peter": m: Garcia; w: Hunter
    6. "Smokestack Lightnin'": Chester Burnett
    7. "Hard to Handle": Redding/Isbell/Jones

  7. HUNDRED YEAR HALL (September, 1995)

    Recorded live 4-26-72; Jahrhundert Halle Frankfurt, Germany.

    Produced by John Cutler and Phil Lesh

    Recording by Alembic

    Artwork and design by Gecko Graphics

    Liner notes include an essay by Robert Hunter

    Jerry Garcia, guitar, vocals
    Donna Jean Godchaux, vocals
    Keith Godchaux, piano
    Billy Kreutzmann, drums
    Phil Lesh, bass guitar, vocals
    Ron McKernan, organ, harmonica, vocals
    Bob Weir, guitar, vocals


  8. IN THE DARK (July 6, 1987)

    Arista: AL8452

    Produced by Jerry Garcia and John Cutler

    Grateful Dead:

    Art direction and photography: Herbie Greene


    1. "Touch of Grey": m: Garcia; w: Hunter
    2. "Hell in a Bucket": Weir, Barlow, Mydland
    3. "When Push Comes to Shove": m: Garcia; w: Hunter
    4. "West L.A. Fadeaway": m: Garcia; w: Hunter
    5. "My Brother Esau": m: Weir; w: Barlow [on cassette only; also released on B side of "Touch of Grey" single]
    6. "Tons of Steel": Mydland
    7. "Throwing Stones": m: Weir; w: Barlow
    8. "Black Muddy River": m: Garcia; w: Hunter

  9. INFRARED ROSES (1991)

    Grateful Dead Records: GDCD40142

    Produced by Bob Bralove

    Additional musicians:

    Cover art: Jerry Garcia

    Titles of the music: Robert Hunter


  10. LIVE DEAD (November 10, 1969)

    Warner Bros: 2WS1830

    The Band:

    "Produced by the Grateful Dead and Bob & Betty"

    Cover art: R.D. Thomas; liner photos: Herb Greene, Jim Marshall, Florence Nathan


    1. "Dark Star": m: Grateful Dead; w: Hunter
    2. "Saint Stephen": m: Garcia & Lesh; w: Hunter
    3. "The Eleven": m: Lesh; w: Hunter
    4. "Turn On Your Love Light": w & m: Scott-Malone
    5. "Death Don't Have No Mercy": w & m: Gary David
    6. "Feedback": Grateful Dead
    7. "We Bid You Goodnight": trad.

  11. ONE FROM THE VAULT (1991)

    Grateful Dead Records: GDCD40132

    "The Grateful Dead cordially invite you to a rare and important musical performance at The Great American Music Hall, 859 O'Farrell Street, Date: August 13, 1975, Time 9:00 p.m."

    Produced by Dan Healy


  12. RECKONING (April 1, 1981)

    Produced by Dan Healy, Betty Cantor-Jackson and Jerry Garcia

    "Recorded live at the Warfield Theater, San Francisco, September 25-October 14, 1980, and at Radio City Music Hall, New York, October 22-31, 1980"

    Cover illustration by Rick Griffin; back cover photograph by John Werner.


    1. "Dire Wolf": m: Garcia; w: Hunter
    2. "The Race Is On": Don Rollins
    3. "Oh Babe It Ain't No Lie": Elizabeth Cotten
    4. "It Must Have Been the Roses": Hunter
    5. "Dark Hollow": Bill Browning
    6. "China Doll": m: Garcia; w: Hunter
    7. "Been All Around This World": trad.
    8. "Monkey and the Engineer": Jesse Fuller
    9. "Jack-A-Roe": trad.
    10. "Deep Elem Blues": trad.
    11. "Cassidy": m: Weir; w: Barlow
    12. "To Lay Me Down": m: Garcia; w: Hunter
    13. "Rosalie McFall": Charlie Monroe
    14. "On the Road Again": trad.
    15. "Bird Song": m: Garcia; w: Hunter
    16. "Ripple": m: Garcia; w: Hunter

  13. SHAKEDOWN STREET (November 15, 1978)

    Arista: AB4198

    Produced by Lowell George

    The Grateful Dead:

    Additional musicians:

    Artwork by: Gilbert Shelton


    1. "Good Lovin'": A. Resnick, R. Clark
    2. "France": m: Hart & Weir; w: Hunter
    3. "Shakedown Street": m: Garcia; w: Hunter
    4. "Serengetti": Hart & Kreutzmann
    5. "Fire on the Mountain": m: Hart; w: Hunter
    6. "I Need a Miracle": m: Weir; w: Barlow
    7. "From the Heart of Me": Donna Godchaux
    8. "Stagger Lee": m: Garcia; w: Hunter
    9. "All New Minglewood Blues": trad.; arr. Weir
    10. "If I Had the World To Give": m: Garcia; w: Hunter



    1. "Golden Road (To Unlimited Devotion)"
    2. "Truckin'"
    3. "Rosemary"
    4. "Sugar Magnolia"
    5. "St. Stephen"
    6. "Uncle John's Band"
    7. "Casey Jones"
    8. "Mexicali Blues"
    9. "Turn On Your Love Light"
    10. "One More Saturday Night"
    11. "Friend of the Devil"

  15. SO MANY ROADS: 1965-1995 (November 9, 1999)

    In association with amazon.com

    Grateful Dead Records: GDCD 4066; Manufactured by Arista Records

    Grateful Dead Merchandising site, somplete with samples, audio, video, essays, etc.

    Issued with a 59 page booklet of notes:
    Table of contents:

  16. STEAL YOUR FACE (June 26, 1976)


    1. "Promised Land": Chuck Berry
    2. "Cold Rain and Snow": trad.; arr. Grateful Dead
    3. "Around and Around": Chuck Berry
    4. "Stella Blue": m: Garcia; w: Hunter
    5. "Mississippi Half-Step Uptown Toodleloo": m: Garcia; w: Hunter
    6. "Ship of Fools": m: Garcia; w: Hunter
    7. "Beat It On Down the Line": Jesse Fuller
    8. "Big River": Johnny Cash
    9. "Black-Throated Wind": m: Weir; w: Barlow
    10. "U.S. Blues": m: Garcia; w: Hunter
    11. "El Paso": Marty Robbins
    12. "Sugaree": m: Garcia; w: Hunter
    13. "It Must Have Been the Roses": Hunter
    14. "Casey Jones": m: Garcia; w: Hunter

  17. TERRAPIN STATION (July 27, 1977)

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    Produced by Keith Olsen

    Cover art: Kelley/Mouse Studio


    1. "Estimated Prophet": m: Weir; w: Barlow
    2. "Dancin' in the Streets": Stevenson-Gaye-Hunter
    3. "Passenger": m: Lesh; w: Peter Monk
    4. "Samson & Delilah": trad.; arr. Weir
    5. "Sunrise": w & m: Donna Godchaux
    6. "Terrapin Part One"
      • "Lady With a Fan": m: Garcia; w: Hunter
      • "Terrapin Station": m: Garcia; w: Hunter
      • "Terrapin": m: Garcia; w: Hunter
      • "Terrapin Transit": Hart & Kreutzmann
      • "At a Siding": m: Hart; w: Hunter
      • "Terrapin Flyer": Hart & Kreutzmann
      • "Refrain": Garcia

  18. Terrapin Station [Live album]: October, 1997

    "Capital Centre, Landover, MD 3/15/90"

    Grateful Dead Merchandising's entry

    Grateful Dead Records: GDCD 4055

    Live stereo recording by John Cutler; Mastered by Joe Gastwirt.

    Illustration: Kelley & Mouse.

    Limited edition: fundraiser for the "Terrapin Station." Each CD set numbered serially.

    Grateful Dead:

    Disc One:
    1. "Jack Straw": Weir/Hunter
    2. "Sugaree": Garcia/Hunter
    3. "Easy to Love You": Mydland/Barlow
    4. "Walkin Blues": Robert Johnson, arr. Weir
    5. "Althea": Garcia/Hunter
    6. "Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues": Bob Dylan
    7. "Tennessee Jed": Garcia/Hunter
    8. "Cassidy": Weir/Barlow
    9. "Don't Ease Me In": trad., arr. GD
    Disc Two
    1. "China Cat Sunflower": Garcia/Hunter
    2. "I Know You Rider": Trad., arr. GD
    3. "Samson & Delilah": Trad., arr. Weir
    4. "Terrapin Station": Garcia/Hunter
    5. "Mock Turtle Jam": Grateful Dead
    6. "Drums": Kreutzmann/Hart
    Disc Three
    1. "And": Kreutzmann/Hart/Bralove
    2. "Space": Garcia/Lesh/Weir/Mydland
    3. "I Will Take You Home": Mydland/Barlow
    4. "Wharf Rat": Garcia/Hunter
    5. "Throwing Stones": Weir/Barlow
    6. "Not Fade Away": Petty/Hardin
    7. "Revolution": Lennon/McCartney

  19. TWO FROM THE VAULT (1992)

    Grateful Dead: GDCD40162

    "Recorded 1968 Shrine Auditorium, L.A., CA"

    Produced by Dan Healy

    Cover art: Timothy Harris; venue photographs: Brian Gold; band photographs: Rosie McGee


    1. "Good Morning, Little Schoolgirl": Sonny Boy Williamson
    2. "Dark Star": m: Garcia, Lesh, McKernan, Weir, Hart & Kreutzmann; w: Hunter
    3. "Saint Stephen": m: Garcia & Lesh; w: Hunter
    4. "The Eleven": m: Lesh; w: Hunter
    5. "Death Don't Have No Mercy": Gary Davis
    6. "The Other One": m: Weir & Kreutzmann; w: Weir
    7. "New Potato Caboose": m: Lesh; w: Petersen
    8. "Turn On Your Lovelight": Scott, Malone
    9. "(Walk Me Out In the) Morning Dew": Dobson, Rose

  20. WAKE OF THE FLOOD (November 15, 1973)

    Additional musicians

    Cover art: Rick Griffin


    1. "Mississippi Half-Step Uptown Toodleloo": m: Garcia; w: Hunter
    2. "Let Me Sing Your Blues Away": m: K. Godchaux; w: Hunter
    3. "Row Jimmy": m: Garcia; w: Hunter
    4. "Stella Blue": m: Garcia; w: Hunter
    5. "Here Comes Sunshine": m: Garcia; w: Hunter
    6. "Eyes of the World": m: Garcia; w: Hunter
    7. "Weather Report Suite"


    Warner Bros: 2W3091


    1. "New, New Minglewood Blues"
    2. "Cosmic Charlie"
    3. "Truckin'"
    4. "Black Peter"
    5. "Born Cross-Eyed"
    6. "Ripple"
    7. "Doin' That Rag"
    8. "Dark Star"
    9. "High Time"
    10. "New Speedway Boogie"
    11. "St. Stephen"
    12. "Jack Straw"
    13. "Me & My Uncle"
    14. "Tennessee Jed"
    15. "Cumberland Blues"
    16. "Playing In the Band"
    17. "Brown-Eyed Woman"
    18. "Ramble On Rose"

  22. WITHOUT A NET (1990)

    Produced by John Cutler and Phil Lesh

    Grateful Dead:

    Branford Marsalis-- tenor and soprano saxophone on "Eyes of the World"

    Cover illustration: Rick Griffin; photography: Ken Friedman, Susana Millman, John Werner


  23. WORKINGMAN'S DEAD (May, 1970)

    Warner Bros: WB 1869

    "Special thanks to David Nelson--acoustic guitar on "Cumberland Blues"

    Cover photo, art and design: Mouse Studios w/ Toon N Tree


    1. "Uncle John's Band": m: Garcia; w: Hunter
    2. "High Time": m: Garcia; w: Hunter
    3. "Dire Wolf": m: Garcia; w: Hunter
    4. "New Speedway Boogie": m: Garcia; w: Hunter
    5. "Cumberland Blues": m: Garcia & Lesh; w: Hunter
    6. "Black Peter": m: Garcia; w: Hunter
    7. "Easy Wind": m & w: Hunter
    8. "Casey Jones": m: Garcia; w: Hunter

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Last revised: September 10, 2001