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The Annotated Jerry Garcia Discography

An installment in TheAnnotated Grateful Dead Lyrics.
By David Dodd
Kraemer Family Library, University of Colorado at Colorado Springs
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Recordings by Jerry Garcia: (Including Garcia Band, Old and in the Way, and Acoustic Band)

Part II of The Annotated Grateful Dead Discography
Acoustic Disc's bio. of Garcia: "About Jerry Garcia's Acoustic Side"

    Grateful Dead Records: GDCD4049

    1. "Swing Low, Sweet Chariot"
    2. "Deep Elem Blues"
    3. "Blue Yodel #9"
    4. "Spike Driver's Blues"
    5. "I've Been All Around This World"
    6. "Here To Get My Baby Out of Jail"
    7. "I'm Troubled"
    8. "Oh, the Wind and Rain"
    9. "Girl at the Crossroads Bar"
    10. "Oh, Babe, it Ain't No Lie"
    11. "Casey Jones"
    12. "Diamond Joe"
    13. "Gone Home"
    14. "Ripple": m: Garcia; w: Hunter

  2. CATS UNDER THE STARS (April, 1978)

    All-Music Guide entry

    Cover art: Kelley Mouse Studios


    1. "Rubin and Cherise": m: Garcia; w: Hunter
    2. "Love in the Afternoon": m: Kahn; w: Hunter
    3. "Palm Sunday": m: Garcia; w: Hunter
    4. "Cats Under the Stars": m: Garcia; w: Hunter
    5. "Rhapsody in Red": m: Garcia & Kahn; w: Hunter
    6. "Rain": D. Godchaux
    7. "Down Home": Kahn
    8. "Gomorrah": m: Garcia; w: Hunter

  3. GARCIA (January, 1972)

    Grateful Dead Merchandising entry: includes audio clips

    "Produced by Bob and Betty with Ramrod and Billy Kreutzmann"

    "With Billy Kreutzmann and Robert Hunter"

    Cover photo and album design by Bob Seidemann

    (All songs by Garcia & Hunter)

    1. "Deal"
    2. "Bird Song"
    3. "Sugaree"
    4. "Loser"
    5. "Late For Supper"
    6. "Spidergawd"
    7. "Eep Hour"
    8. "To Lay Me Down"
    9. "An Odd Little Place"
    10. "The Wheel"

  4. GARCIA [aka COMPLIMENTS OF GARCIA] (June 21, 1974)

    Produced by John Kahn

    Cover artwork: Victor Moscoso


    1. "Let It Rock": Chuck Berry
    2. "When the Hunter Gets Captured by the Game": W. Robinson
    3. "That's What Love Will Make You Do": Henderson Thigpen, JamesBanks & Eddy Marion
    4. "Russian Lullaby": Irving Berlin
    5. "Turn On the Bright Lights": Albert Washington
    6. "He Ain't Give You None": Van Morrison
    7. "What Goes Around": Mac Rebbenack
    8. "Let's Spend the Night Together": Mick Jagger & KeithRichards
    9. "Mississippi Moon": Peter Rowan
    10. "Midnight Town": m: John Kahn; w: Hunter


    All-Music Guide entry

    notes from Ihor Slabicky's discography:

    Hooteroll? - Howard Wales & Jerry Garcia (Douglas/Columbia KZ 30859) released in November, 1971. Howard Wales had also played with the group A. B. Skhy.

    Hooteroll? - Howard Wales & Jerry Garcia (Rykodisc RALP 0052) This 1988 reissue has a different back cover and contains "Morning In Marin" (6:59) and "Evening In Marin" (4:09) (an alternate take of "Up From The Desert"), two songs which are not on the original Douglas album. Also released on CD as RCD 10052.

  6. HOW SWEET IT IS (April 1997)

    Arista/Grateful Dead Records: GDCD4051

    Recorded at the Warfield, 1990

    Produced by John Cutler and Steve Parish

    Photography: Ken Friedman; cover photo by Mike Conway; design: Gecko Graphics

    Liner notes: Steve Silberman

    The Jerry Garcia Band:


    1. "How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You)": Holland, Dozier
    2. "Tough Mama": Dylan
    3. "That's What Love Will Make You Do": Thigpen, Banks, Marion
    4. "Someday Baby": Hopkins
    5. "Cats Under the Stars": Garcia, Hunter
    6. "Tears of Rage": Dylan
    7. "Think": McKracklin
    8. "Gomorrah": Garcia, Hunter
    9. "Tore Up Over You": Ballard
    10. "Like A Road": Nix, Penn


    All-Music Guide entry

    Arista: 18690-2

    Produced by Jerry Garcia, John Kahn, and John Cutler

    "Recorded Live"

    Cover art: John Kahn; photography: Ken Friedman



    Article from Guitar Extra

    Article from Mix Magazine

    Acoustic Disc's page, with sound sample

    All-Music Guide entry

    Acoustic Disc: ACD-2

    Produced by Jerry Garcia and David Grisman

    Cover design by David Grisman and Django Bayless; photography byGary Nichols


    1. "The Thrill Is Gone": Hawkins-Darnell
    2. "Grateful Dawg": Garcia-Grisman
    3. "Two Soldiers": trad; arr. Garcia-Grisman
    4. "Friend of the Devil": m: John Dawson and Garcia; w: Hunter
    5. "Russina Lullaby": Irving Berlin
    6. "Dawg's Waltz": Grisman
    7. "Walkin' Boss": trad.; arr. Garcia-Grisman
    8. "Rockin' Chair": Hoagy Carmichael
    9. "Arabia": Grisman (Middle part based on the Cuban folk theme,"Hasta Siempre")


    All-Music Guide entry

  10. NOT FOR KIDS ONLY (1993)

    Acoustic Disc: ACD-9

    Produced by David Grisman

    Artwork: Jerry Garcia; Photography: Susana Millman

    Tracks: (all songs traditional except "Freight Train", by ElizabethCotten)

    1. "Jenny Jenkins"
    2. "Freight Train"
    3. "A Horse Named Bill"
    4. "Three Men Went A-Hunting"
    5. "When First Unto This Country"
    6. "Arkansas Traveler"
    7. "Hopalong Peter"
    8. "Teddy Bears' Picnic"
    9. "There Ain't No Bugs On Me"
    10. "The Miller's Will"
    11. "Hot Corn, Cold Corn"
    12. "A Shenandoah Lullaby"

  11. OLD AND IN THE WAY (1975)



    1. "Pig In A Pen": trad.
    2. "Midnight Moonlight": Peter Rowan
    3. "Old and In the Way": David Grisman
    4. "Knockin' On Your Door":
    5. "The Hobo Song":
    6. "Panama Red": Peter Rowan
    7. "Wild Horses": Jagger/Richards
    8. "Kissimmee Kid": Vassar Clements
    9. "White Dove":
    10. "Land of the Navajo": Peter Rowan

  12. REFLECTIONS (January, 1976)

    Engineer: Dan Healy

    Cover illustration: Mike Steirnagle


    1. "Might As Well": m: Garcia; w: Hunter
    2. "Mission in the Rain": m: Garcia; w: Hunter
    3. "They Love Each Other": m: Garcia; w: Hunter
    4. "I'll Take a Melody": Allen Toussaint
    5. "It Must Have Been the Roses": w & m: Hunter
    6. "Tore Up Over You": Hank Ballard
    7. "Catfish John": Bob McDill & Allen Reynolds
    8. "Comes a Time": m: Garcia; w: Hunter

  13. RUN FOR THE ROSES (1982)

    All-Music Guide entry

    Arista: BMG/ARISTA 7822 8557 4

    Artwork by Victor Moscoso


    1. "Run for the Roses": m: Garcia; w: Hunter
    2. "I Saw Her Standing There": Lennon & McCartney
    3. "Without Love":
    4. "Midnight Getaway": m: Garcia; w: Hunter
    5. "Leave the Little Girl Alone": m: Garcia; w: Hunter
    6. "Valerie": m: Garcia; w: Hunter
    7. "Knockin' on Heaven's Door": Dylan

  14. THAT HIGH LONESOME SOUND: Old and In the Way (1996)

    Ryan Shriver's Old & in the Way site

    Acoustic Disc: ACD-19

    "Original Live Recordings From 1973--Vol. 1"

    "Recorded live at The Boarding House, San Francisco, October 1973 by Owsley Stanley & Victoria Babcock.

    Produced by David Grisman

    Notes by Neil Rosenberg and Richard Loren

    Cover and center photography by Nobuharu Komoriya



    1. "Hard Hearted": Jim and Jesse McReynolds
    2. "The Great Pretender": Buck Ram
    3. "Lost": Buzz Busby and Cindy Davis
    4. "Catfish John": Bob McDill and Alan Reynolds
    5. "High Lonesome Sound": Peter Rowan
    6. "Lonesome Fiddle Blues": Vassar Clements
    7. "Love Please Come Home": E. ("Leon") Jackson
    8. "Wicked Path of Sin": Bill Monroe
    9. "Uncle Pen": Bill Monroe
    10. "I'm On My Way Back to the Old Home": Bill Monroe
    11. "Lonesome L.A. Cowboy": Peter Rowan
    12. "I Ain't Broke But I'm Badly Bent": H. Payne
    13. "Orange Blossom Special": Ervin Rouse
    14. "Angel Band": Jefferson Hascall and W.B. Bradbury

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