H. D. Moe: A Bibliography


David G. Dodd

Copyright 1997-2003 David Dodd.
This is a work in progress. Any additions, corrections, etc. are more than welcome.
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  24. ---, ed. New Now Now New Millennium Turn-On Anthology 2001-3000 & Beyond. Emeryville, CA: A.M. Fonda, 2001.
    in the words of HD Moe:

    THE NEW NOW NOW NEW MILLENNIUM TURN-ON ANTHOLOGY 2001to3000 & BEYOND lands with blooms of one hundred & fifty-six poets, fifty-two illustrators. twenty-two Essayists, ten Short Story Writers & nine Reviewers Exemplifying with dazzling beauty and insights, not only "organic anarchy" of unzoned-in Art of Living Earth, but milestoning Poetry, Prose & Visual Revelation, this book blossoms, roots, truncates and stems to the making & makings to the sources mused from rare earth minerals sparked from multiuniversal pilot-light of romantic & theoretical Scientific imaginings; deeper out, in & between any heretofore displayed imagination.

    Conceived and created in the San Francisco Bay Area, (the mandala of the polyuniverse for Poets), four hundred and fourteen 11 by 8&1/2 pages, does gorgeous us in a multitude of Poetic styles: Language, Hip-hop, Action, Barbarian, Zound, Dada, Correctivist, black Mountain, Field, Shaman, Slam, Natural Lyric and New-Who-Knows etc., etc., etc., waves, between & totally eccentric-from-this-poets, that all lovers of Art, now, before & all time revel, ride and undulate to the scorn of all haters of Art, now, before & all time & those 'on the fence' will dig deeply the profound fun of this baby tome.

    The wit, truth & hand Donne beauty here rolling into living light, will ever grow in increasing virtue and value to collectors, may this baby light wand & tap the quantum tinkerbell of every brain & elemental spirit & free all immured objects/souls charmed into crimes of form to a happy 'benign nuttiness' of sensitivity & powerful kindly hood.

    If the never-have-been or not-now-down-n-out would send $35.00 to:

    Florence Windfall
    1731 10th Street apt A
    Berkeley, CA 94710

    you will promptly and expeditiously receive a copy of: THE NEW NOW NOW NEW MILLENNIUM TURN-ON ANTHOLOGY 2001-3000 & BEYOND directly from the Artiste therein. Join, link, support pollyfrenic cosmic-home-grown living originality, get off the robot-corporate-wheel, baby pi.

    So there you have it, an Epiphany of literary Poetic innovation awaiting to be ink pried from book bound paper by our curious imagination, by our insatiable appetite for knowledge........and.... Friday, January 12th, 2001 is Jack London's Birthday, An annual Celebration Poetry Reading will take place in ALAMEDA, CA

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