"As my patchwork quilt unravels I ramble yes too high"

The Annotated "Cardboard Cowboy"

An installment in The Annotated Grateful Dead Lyrics.
By David Dodd
Kraemer Family Library, University of Colorado at Colorado Springs (The opinions expressed are those of the author, not of the University of Colorado.) Copyright notice; © 1995,1996, David Dodd
"Cardboard Cowboy"
Words and music by Jerry Garcia (?)
When the cardboard cowboy dreams and he's [gonna look me up]
Opened up the sky and blows my mind to the colours of
[Far in far gent shine running]
Beneath high trembling [dove]
Till you meet that six and later in the wake of the hammer blow

On my way out of town I stumbled on the [shards] of a hungry [screen]
And further up into the backdoor circle
Where the flower and crystal seat

Could this [go rise by all brater] on the strength of an anguished sigh
And a paranoid re-entry blanket lies sleeping on a sling-shot ride

As my patchwork quilt unravels I ramble yes too high
From the [looping antrobus] with his magic meant so high
[Training out into the rat foray from dawn to the elf above]
Watching mashed potatoes dribble in the heat of reality's earth

[For the intro doom] from running through him
Fall though never sung
Turns the wall into the sky above me, there is no place to run

"Cardboard Cowboy"

Recorded on

Performance history: One documented performance only, July 17, 1966, at the Fillmore Auditorium, San Francisco. "Cardboard Cowboy" followed "In the Pines" and preceded "Nobody's Fault But Mine."

This note from Alex Allan, who provided the words above as best he could:

Yes well! Words in square brackets are just the nearest phonetic sounds to what I hear. There's clearly a lot of psychedelic imagery and heaven's knows if the "true" lyrics even exist now. But perhaps others have better tapes and/or better ears. I don't know anything about the song other than that it was recorded during the summer on 1966 during studio sessions somewhere, and was played live on 7-16-66.

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