"Playing, like a wave upon the sand"

The Annotated Grateful Dead Discography: Bob Weir

An installment in TheAnnotated Grateful Dead Lyrics.
By David Dodd
Library, University of Colorado at Colorado Springs
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Recordings by Bob Weir:

Part III of The Annotated Grateful Dead Discography
  1. ACE (May, 1972)

    "Produced by everybody involved"

    "Robert "Ace" Weir: acoustic and electric guitars / WilliamKreutzmann: drums / Phil Lesh: bass, harmony vocal on "MexicaliBlues" / Jerry Garcia: electric guitar, pedal steel guitar on"Looks Like Rain" / Keith Godchaux: pianner / Donna Godchaux:harmony, the chick vocals / String arrangement on "Looks LikeRain" by Ed Bogus / Bass on "Greatest Story Ever Told" by DaveTorbert"

    Cover art by Kelley/Mouse Design; photography: Ron Rakow


    1. "Greatest Story Ever Told": m: Weir; w: Hunter
    2. "Black-Throated Wind": m: Weir; w: Barlow
    3. "Walk in the Sunshine": m: Weir; w: Barlow
    4. "Playing in the Band": m: Weir; w: Hunter
    5. "Looks Like Rain": m: Weir; w: Barlow
    6. "Mexicali Blues": m: Weir; w: Barlow
    7. "One More Saturday Night": Weir
    8. "Cassidy": m: Weir; w: Barlow


    All-Music Guide entry

    Arista: AL9568

    Produced and engineered by Gary Lyons

    Album cover: Victor Moscoso; photography: Elizabeth Fenimore


    1. "Haze": m: Weir, Cochran, Kelly; w: Weir, Shaw, Mydland
    2. "Too Many Losers": Weir and Cochran
    3. "Far Away": m: Cochran, Kelly, Wier; w: Weir
    4. "Book of Rules": H. Johnsen & B. Llewellyn
    5. "Me Without You": m: Johnson; w: Barlow & Johnson
    6. "Josephine": w & m: Weir
    7. "(I Want To) Fly Away": Barlow & Weir
    8. "Carry Me": w & m: Weir
    9. "Festival": w & m: Weir

  3. HEAVEN HELP THE FOOL (January, 1978)

    All-Music Guide entry

    Arista: AB4155

    Produced by Keith Olsen

    Cover photograph: Richard Avedon

    Bob Weir Band:


    1. "Bombs Away"
    2. "Easy to Slip"
    3. "Salt Lake City"
    4. "Shade of Grey"
    5. "Heaven Help the Fool": Weir/Barlow
    6. "This Time Forever"
    7. "I'll Be Doggone"
    8. "Wrong Way Feelin'"

  4. KINGFISH (March, 1976)

    Produced by Dan Healy & Bob Weir


    Additional musicians:

    Cover paintings by Philip Garris; photographs by Bob Marks


    1. "Lazy Lightnin'": m: Weir; w: Barlow
    2. "Supplication": m: Weir; w: Barlow
    3. "Wild Northland": Torbert/Hovey
    4. "Asia Minor": Carter/Gilbert/Quigley/Hovey
    5. "Home to Dixie": Kelly/Cutler/Barlow/Weir
    6. "Jump For Joy": Carter/Gilbert
    7. "Good-Bye Yer Honor": Torbert/Hovey/Kelly
    8. "Big Iron": Marty Robbins
    9. "This Time": Torbert/Kelly
    10. "Hypnotize": Torbert/Kelly
    11. "Bye and Bye": trad.; arr. Weir/Barlow


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