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The Annotated Grateful Dead Lyrics

It's gotten increasingly difficult to commit the necessary time to keeping this project up to date. By which I mean, mainly, responding to all the people who, pretty much every day, send me some insight or additional reference worth adding to the site. I see this as a huge colaborative project, but unfortunately, someone (me) has needed to be at the center of the collaboration. Nine years into it, there's still a ton of work to do. But my personal and professional life has become very rich and busy, and I feel that I must clear some space. So I'll set this project aside for now, and return to it at some point in the future, I hope.

If you have a note about a song, please consider becoming a member of the WELL, which has many Grateful Dead-centered conferences, as well as one in particular, which I co-host with David Gans, called Deadsongs.vue, which includes a discussion topic for every Grateful Dead song. For now, that will be the repository of additions and changes to this project.

Thanks for understanding!

--David Dodd