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The first project on the sonicSENSE platform is a collaborative piece by Haynes and Parker entitled, Intrusion. This piece was installed at Gallerie Califia in South Bohemia, Chezh Republic as the first test site for the platform.

This piece is programmed to be interrupted by the actions of the viewer interacting with the different objects in the installation. In one instance, a heart monitor is used to create an invasive rhythm when the viewer’s pulse is fed into an algorithm, causing the video projection to loop dynamically. The duration and progression of the loop is timed by the viewer's heart rate. After each loop the new starting point begins at the previous loop's end point.

The loop paradoxically becomes the agent of progression. Interesting patterns develop as the loop points shift incrementally rather then continually repeating. The loops are punctuated by the sound of a mechanical device consisting of solenoids, a rare earth magnet, and ferro fluid. The tempo of the device is also timed to the viewer's heart rate. As the magnet oscillates up and down the ferro fluid expands and contracts giving visual form and texture to the viewer's pulse. In the case of the blow room the humidity from the viewer’s breath causes the robotic nodes to change how they move, creating a process akin to erasure and disruption.

Programmatically, the piece is attempting to metaphorically reflect the proliferation of technology on the societal level, as being much like Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. The effect of which creates visual and audio chain-reactions of interruptive feedback each time the nodes are activated. Over time, the network of interruptions will morph into less recognizable patterns of reactivity, becoming abstract and non-linear, farther and farther away from the initial interaction.

Thematically, the content of the piece is based on water and three different stages that it can exist: as a solid, a liquid, and a vapor, tying the work together visually and conceptually.

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