sonicSENSE + phaseSpace Sept. 6 - Oct. 8, 2010

College of Creative Studies, Univeristy of California Santa Barbara




n collaboration with Nathan Kandus,Nathan Kandus a recent UCSC graduate in art and physics and Jill Naiman & Rachel Stickler graduate students in Astronmy & Astrophysics program at the University of California Santa Cruz.





jennifer parker, barney haynes

Quicktime Movie of sonicSENSE+phaseSpace-desktop

The Mylar Corridor and Double Pendulum are the main interactive elements in this installation. The speed and position of the participant as they move through the Mylar Corridor determines the volume and sound that is heard. If you proceed quickly the sounds will blend into a single moment of cacophony. If you move slowly each sound will be played discreetly. The sounds are of different planets and stars taken from the internet. Data from the Double Pendulum plots the physical characteristics of its chaotic motion which has been translated into motion for the small kinetic sculpture hanging from the ceiling. One plot sets the x-axis as the height of the bottom tip of the pendulum and the y-axis as its associated velocity.The other plot takes the x-axis as the angular position and the y-axis as the angular velocity of the bottom bob.sonicSENSE, jennifer parker, barney haynes


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