The African American Theater Arts Troupe at the University of California, Santa Cruz is proud to announce their 13th season. This year's production is Steal Away by Ramona King. An incisive, farcical comedy set in 1930's Chicago, the production follows five upstanding, God-fearing women endeavoring to provide scholarships for young black women residing within the community. When the group is flatly refused a bank loan on the grounds that "colored girls shouldn't waste their time on education," (the words of the bank manager) the friends devise an elaborate scheme to rob a bank. Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition!!!

The troupe concieves itself as one that fosters unity between races, proving an outlet for the creative talents of African American artists, and encouraging the development of marked abilities through the awarding of annual scholarships.

If you would like further information please contact Don Williams at (831)459-4844, or email at