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Mission Statement:

The Center for Art and Visual Studies at the University of California, Santa Cruz is a cultural and intellectual laboratory where multidisciplinary domains of knowledge are explored through the lens of the arts. The Center’s exhibitions and programs invite diverse audiences to encounter ideas and images that illuminate our understanding of ourselves and the world.

MUSEUM without WALLS series:

FALL: Oct. 26 @ 5pm at Baskin Arts D101 for a lecture on the "Molecules That Matter" exhibition.

Nov. 6-7: The Museum Strikes Back 2009

Inflatable Museum for the
Interventions Festival 2008

WINTER 2007:

lecture by Elizabeth Diller
Wednesday, March 7, 7:00 PM

SPRING 2007:
public lecture by Fred Wilson
Thursday, April 26, 6:15-7:45pm UCSC Media Theater

public lecture by John Weber
Thursday, May 24, 6:15-7:45pm UCSC Media Theater


The CAVS Executive Committee would like to acknowledge the Charles Griffin Farr fund and the special funding, requested from the Executive Vice Chancellor by the Dean of the Arts, which made possible this project planning.

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In imagining the Center for Art and Visual Studies we have created a set of vignettes or visual montages. These combinations of words, images, and drawings help give the Center’s emerging program focus and, in concert with a written visitor experience, help describe the Center to its audiences. The vignettes together will also provide a sense of the unique experience the visitor will have.