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Space for personal contemplation and informal discussions foster visitor interaction and reflection on what has been experienced. It provides resources for independent and group study, and invites visitors to return with new inquires.

Contemplation Space
The Center also provides us with places for quiet reflection. Both inside the building and outside in the sculpture garden, there are areas for us to sit, to take in the view across the Pacific Ocean, and to wonder. In other areas, computer screens built into benches and tables allow us to share our thoughts about our
experiences and to make new connections with the exhibitions we have just seen. We take down the website address and make a note to visit once again when we are at home. At the open-air rooftop café that overlooks the bay we talk together over lunch or have a cup of coffee with family, friends or colleagues.

Eventually, we find ourselves back in the Gathering Space. A small retail outlet provides us with the opportunity to purchase an exhibition catalogue, art book or gift. We stop at the box office near the information desk to review a calendar of arts events at UCSC, such as the Shakespeare Santa Cruz Summer Festival or the annual season at the UC Recital Hall, and purchase a ticket for an evening concert. We leave the Center with new ideas and images in mind and a feeling of connection with the University’s intellectual and cultural life.