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Warm and welcoming, the Center invites participation. In a space to gather and transition, the concept of the Center with its multi-disciplinary approach and its use of technology is introduced to the visitor.

Gathering Space
We enter the atrium, which is a large space with high ceilings and an open feel. There are comfortable places to sit and to enjoy the view, to meet and relax. Visual information is clear and inviting and it seems to be a part of the architecture itself. An accessible information desk allows us to connect immediately and in-person with the staff of the Center. Small interactive kiosks also provide an orientation to the Center, and we are invited to participate in a self-guided tour using a hand-held PDA that offers interpretive information about the exhibitions we will encounter. This Gathering Space gives us a dynamic introduction to the Center, one that promises the experience will be interactive and multidisciplinary. What comes next?