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The Center for Art and Visual Studies welcomes audiences from the University and the larger community it serves. The Center takes advantage of UCSC's beautiful natural setting of ocean, field, and forest views. The Center is easy to find and accessible by foot, car, and bus. The Center blends well into the architectural fabric of the campus but is planned as a visual landmark, a world class design and an architectural destination.

The Center for Art and Visual Studies is located on the campus of The University of California, Santa Cruz. The Center welcomes visitors on foot, bicycle, automobile, and bus. It is easy to find this signature building on campus, set against a forest and overlooking sweeping meadows above the Pacific Ocean. The building makes a strong statement, yet blends well with UCSC's distinctive architecture. A sculpture garden highlights the site and contemporary graphics point to galleries and other public spaces. The way is clear and the entrance is easy to find. Let's go inside.