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Rob Robertson

Rob Robertson
Instructional Equipment Coordinator, Theater Arts
A-204, Theater Arts Complex

I assist the Production Equipment Coordinator in maintaining the Theater Arts Complex’s theatrical production equipment (Lighting, sound and media).

Further Information:

In addition, I also, from time to time act as a:

1. Carpenter
2. Welder
3. Rigger
4. Server administrator
5. Network administrator
6. Lighting Designer
7. Video Editor
8. Electrician
9. Draftsman
10. Graphic Designer
11. Programmer
12. Interior Designer
13. Fashion Model

Quote: "Don’t let the smooth fool taste you." –diasfunk bumper sticker

Aliases: Nabbit.

Chocolate Preference: Dark, like my heart.

Interests: Welding, Skiing, Dancing and Guinness.

FAQ: "How do I get the Internet on my computer?"

Partner: Accepting Applications.


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