April In Santa Cruz Festival

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University of California Seal, Division of the Arts, UCSC
For the past quarter century, the April in Santa Cruz Festival of Contemporary Music has presented the newest music in a variety of Western classical and world styles.
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Founded by UCSC composer David Cope, the festival has featured the work of guest composers as diverse as Chou Wen-Chung, Andrew Imbrie, James Tenney, Lou Harrison, and Nano S along with the newest work by UCSC composition faculty and others. With the directorship of the festival rotating annually among members of the UCSC composition faculty, format and offerings are reinvented often in light of changing interests, trends and opportunities.

Since the inception of the UCSC DMA program in composition, the festival has served as an important venue for the presentation of graduate student work.All April in Santa Cruz Concerts and graduate student recitals are presented in the UCSC Music Center Recital Hall – a world class 400-seat auditorium which has won the enthusiastic praise of visiting ensembles, composers, and audiences alike.