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The UCSC Music Department offers a series of five courses in electronic music, the last of which can be repeated for credit on a continuing basis. There is no major in electronic music per se, but there is a minor. The courses are designed to complement majors in Music, Film, Theater, Art or any related field.

The courses in the electronic music series are:

The introductory course, Music 80c, is open to all students. Enrollment in the core of the series (Music 123 and above) is limited to 25 new students per year, the maximum that can be accommodated in the two studios dedicated to those courses. Preference is given to music majors, but in a typical year two thirds of the class will be majoring in other areas.

The application process for Music 123 begins at the end of Music 80c, typically around Thanksgiving. Applications are available at that time in the music department office, and must be returned by the end of finals. The applicant's experience in music and technology are the primary considerations. Note that completion of Music 14 or equivalent is required. This requirement may be satisfied through the music core curriculum placement exam given at the beginning of each school year.

Because of high student demand, there is no room for extension enrollment in these courses.

Electronic Music Minor

The electronic music minor focuses on the study of creating music with the tools of modern technology. It is designed to complement the music major or programs in other media by providing instruction in advanced skills of audio production, sound synthesis, and computer-assisted composition. A student may obtain a minor in electronic music by completing the following:

Since enrollment is limited, paperwork for the minor will not be processed until a student has gained admittance to Music 123.

Graduate Studies

The following graduate courses in electronic and computer music are offered in support of the composition track of the Master of Arts Degree and the DMA in algorithmic composition.

Music 267: Graduate Workshop in Electronic Music, is a seminar for graduate level electronic music composition. Topics are based on student requirements and range from basic acoustics to advanced techniques such as Kyma and Max/MSP. Those with little studio experience may be asked to attend appropriate lectures in the undergraduate courses. This course is also offered as DANM 267. Offered each quarter.

Music 225: Computer Assisted Composition is an introduction to techniques of algorithmic and computer assisted composition in a variety of contemporary idioms.

In addtition, seminars in advanced topics are offered on an irregular basis.

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