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Introduction to Western Music (Music 11)

Atonal and Post-tonal Theory (Music 100C)

Classic and Romantic Music History (Music 101C)

Twentieth-Century Music History (Music 101D)

Contemporary Music Ensemble (Music 168)

Graduate Seminar: Introduction to Research Methods (Music 200)

Graduate Seminar: Twentieth-Century Performance Practice (Music 203F)

Advising of undergraduate and graduate theses, independent studies, and directed readings

Courses taught at Bates College and the University of Michigan:

Introduction to World Music

Seminar on John Cage

Seminars on American Experimental Music

Atonal and Post-tonal Music Theory

History and Literature of Twentieth-Century Music

Twentieth-Century American Opera

Women and Music

Beginning Central Javanese Gamelan (Ensemble)

Survey of Western Music (all eras)