Sea Chant Over Long Island, July

"The transparency and fluency of the historical layers with which Franko was working was fascinating, as was the dancers' self-awareness in realizing them."

--Rita Felciano, Dance View


Sea Chant Over Long Island, July

choreography: Mark Franko

music: Marin Marais "Carillon," and Claude Debussy, "La Mer"

dancers: three

running time: 15 minutes

"I wasn't prepared for the contemporary little gem that emerged Monday evening. It did have wonderful references that kept shooting images into the mind, but they were modernist -- of the Ballet Russes, of course, Le Train Bleu, Danilova in her bathing cap in the original Apollo, Nijinsky's nymphs, but also of Picasso and those classical figures gamboling on the beach intertwined in half-reclining poses, and of Elie Nadelman with his buoyant balloon-like bathers. Then there was the angst and bursts of sound that both played into the alienated, disturbing aspect of the piece and at the same time into the sophisticated humor and '20s chic. . . . I was vastly impressed with Juliet Neidish's dancing . . . the dramatic power and sense of monumentality that came from that delicate body."

-- Gay Morris



This work combines baroque vocabulary, Ballets Russes images of the 1920s, and a contemporary beach scene as a tribute to the victims of TWA flight 800 in the context of a "composto" of baroque music and impressionism, the flow of water and baroque gesture.

For booking information:

contact Mark Franko by email

or in San Francisco at 1033 Stanyan Street, San Francisco, CA 94117
or in New York at 35 West 92nd Street, 7D, New York, N.Y. 10025

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