This Interactive dvd shares footage with El Zocalo, but is expanded and offers viewer controlled navigation.


The Zocalo in Mexico City is the second largest public plaza in the world, and an open space at the center of a dense city of 12 - 14 million people.   It changes daily from a casual tourist destination to a politically charged stage for public performance.

Lord and Vazquez shot in the Zocalo for seven days in 2001 and witnessed the transformation of the space on a daily basis.  Shooting verite style, with no interviews or voice-over, they let the viewer experince this public space in a direct way.

El Centro del Mundo, the installation, requires a single large projection screen and a viewer-activated touch screen.

Viewers select from the clock face (above), initiating a specific video sequence of 2-4 minutes. Twelve sequences represent different aspects of life in the Zocalo - total running

time is 40 min.

Funded by a Research Grant from COR and the Arts Division at U.C. Santa Cruz.