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Anatomy as Master Image in Training Dancers
Anatomy as a Master Image in Training Dancers

"I believe it is our primary responsibility as technique teachers to help our students find the most efficient way possible to use their bodies," says the internationally acclaimed dance teacher Ruth Solomon. "In my teaching, I emphasize the roles of the psoas, the pelvis, and the spine because the study of anatomy has led me to believe that they are the prime motivators of movement. If the dancer can initiate action by the use of these components all else should follow, and the resulting movement will be relatively stress-free, efficient, and safe."

In this carefully crafted one-hour video, Ms. Solomon illustrates the forty-five minute warm-up that is the cornerstone of her approach to preparing the body to dance. The standardized language and imagery of anatomy are utilized to guide the dancer to an understanding of the principles by which movement is produced. There is strong emphasis throughout on proper alignment and body mechanics, and on the use of breath. While the exercises demonstrated are based in the floorwork that is common to modern dance, the warm-up has been used effectively by dancers in all techniques.

60 minutes, color, Video, Available in DVD - $29.00 + $4.95 shipping & handling. Also available in VHS or PAL format

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