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Dance Injury Prevention: Technique and Theory

Ruth Solomon's short course in dance technique and injury prevention addresses those two aspects of dance training through a combination of slide lectures and hands-on instruction. Each lecture presents the basic principles of injury prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation of a different region of the body--spine, pelvis, hip, knee, ankle, and foot--emphasizing how the anatomy of that region affects, and is in turn affected by, the movements common to dance. These principles are then applied in a technique class, demonstrating how to avoid such problems as "grinding or snapping hip" syndrome, tendinitis, and stress fractures.



As a choreographer Ruth Solomon offers new works made on your dancer(s), or repertory from her large selection of solos and group pieces. Her musical interests run mostly to 20th century composers (e.g. Poulenc and Stravinsky, George Crumb and William Bolcolm, or composers/musicians who can work with her as the piece is being set and play their music "live" for performance). Scenic, costume, and lighting designs are conceived by Ms. Solomon in collaboration with the available staff. Her pieces often incorporate vocalized sound and literary text as elements in a dance-theater production. Videotapes are available upon request.


Workshop: Anatomy as a Master Image in Training Dancers

This workshop presentation uses anatomical terms and images to involve the participants in identifying, isolating, aligning, and strengthening essential body parts. All of the exercises have to do with imaging the flow of motion through the bones, while utilizing the muscles--especially the psoas--for stabilization.

Session 1: Showing excerpts (30 minutes) from the video, Anatomy as a Master Image in Training Dancers, followed by teaching that material in a technique class format (total time required: one and one-half or two hours).

Session 2: A slide lecture on preventing dance injuries, their treatment, and some rehabilitative techniques (or a slide lecture on the latest research in dance injuries and how these findings can be directly applied to the technique class).

Session 3: Further development of the concepts presented in the first session (movement technique class).

Additional session(s) can be either technique or lectures covering specific anatomical regions (knee, spine, ankle & foot, etc.).


Slide Lecture: Some Risk Factors in the Etiology of Dance Injuries

Dance injuries usually result from interaction among identifiable risk factors. Hence, those who attend to the medical needs of dancers, those who train them, and dancers themselves should develop a holistic view of the etiology of dance injuries. This lecture introduces as many of these risk factors as time allows.


Slide Lecture: Applied Research in Dance Technique

This presentation utilizes Ms. Solomon's research in dance medicine and science to illustrate how the findings of this field can be applied in teaching dance technique.

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