Linda Burman-Hall has studied and performed Indonesian gamelan music for 23 years, and has performed traditional and gamelan fusion works in Europe and America. In extended field trips in Indonesia, she has documented performance practices of Bali, Java and Madura, and has also taught as a visiting faculty member at STSI (Sekolah Tinggi Seni Indonesia, the Advanced School for the Arts), Denpasar, Bali. In addition to serving as Faculty Coordinator for the Gamelan at UCSC (University of California - Santa Cruz), she directs the campus Balinese Gamelan Angklung ('Swarasanti'), and leads an interdisciplinary team of nine Indonesian and American scholars studying new Balinese music. She is currently completing research on the Balinese recordings of the Fahnestock Expedition. A major project, an edition and translation from the Dutch of J. S. and A. Brandts Buys - van Zijp's monograph, De Toonkunst Bij de Madoereezen (The Music of the Madurese, 1928), is also nearing completion.

Monographs and Articles | Book and Film Reviews | Producer of Film/Video or Recording

Monographs and Articles
1995 The Fahnestock South Seas Expeditions: Excursions in Madurese Music, in Across Madura Strait: The dynamics of an insular society, ed. by Kees van Dijk, Huub de Jonge and Elly Touwen-Bouwsma. Leiden, KILTV Press. Koninklijk Instituut voor Taal-, Land- en Volkenkunde [The Royal Institute of Anthropology and Linguistics]
1993 Warna: A Life in Music; Nano S's first composition for American gamelan. Solicited analytic article in Balungan V, no. 2: 24-29 with diagram. Editor of score for Warna (as basis for the article), published in same issue (Balungan V, no. 2: 30-34).
1993 "Gamelan Town": Sundanese Arts at UCSC in Balungan V, no. 2: 35-36.
Book and Film Reviews
1995 Khmer Classical Dance Songbook. By Amy Catlin, with Sam-Ang Sam and Chan Moly Sam. Van Nuys, CA: Apsara Media for Intercultural Education, 1992. in Ethnomusicology 39:3 (Fall, 1995), pp.508-510. (Book review).
1995 From Angkor to America: The Cambodian Dance and Music Project of Van Nuys, California, 1984-1990. By Amy Catlin. Van Nuys, CA: Apsara Media for Intercultural Education, 1991. in Ethnomusicology 39:3 (Fall, 1995), pp. 538-39. (Film review).
1991 Fiddlin' Georgia Crazy: Fiddlin' John Carson, His Real World, and the World of His Songs, by Gene Wiggins. Urbana, University of Illinois Press, 1987; in Ethnomusicology 35:1 (Winter, 1991), pp. 153-54. (Book review).
1986 A Chinese Zither Tutor: The Mei-An ch'in-p'u, translated with commentary by Fredric Lieberman. Hong Kong: Hong Kong University Press; Seattle: University of Washington, 1983; in The Music Library Association. Notes. 42:4 (June, 1986), pp. 780-81. (Book review).
Producer of Film/Video or Recording
1994 "Prima: New Music from Bali". With Elaine Barkin, co-producer. Indonesian new music compositions by I Nyoman [Komang] Astita, I Wayan Rai, and I Wayan Suweca and environmental sounds; works commissioned and documented by Linda Burman-Hall on behalf of Pacific Rim Research Program. UC-Los Angeles and Santa Cruz, distributed by American Gamelan Institute, Hanover, N.H.
1993 "New Music in Bali." Elaine Barkin, Video Director; Linda Burman-Hall, Project Director and documentary film footage (Pacific Rim Research Project Phase II, Bali, Indonesia, August, 1990).
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