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Selected Presentations

2002 “The Pre-Hispanic at Present: Popular Images of the Pre-Columbian Past,” Indigenous Art and Appropriation, org. Zena Pearlstone, Fowler Museum of Cultural History, Nov. 9-10.

2002 “Talking to Mountains: Inka Perspectives on the Nature/Culture Divide,” Savannah College of Art and Design, Apr. 8.

2002 “Inca Imagery in Peruvian Colonial Painting,” New World Art Symposium, Denver Art Museum, Mar. 2.

2002 “Savage Breast/Salvaged Breast: Wet-nursing Colonization in Colonial Peru,” The Breast in Visual Culture, org. Lilian Bezner. College Art Association. Feb. 21.

2001 “Metonymy in Inka Art,” Department of Art History, University of California, Berkeley, Apr. 20.

2001 “Familiarizing Catholicism in Colonial Cuzco,” working session with Seminar Fellows and a public conversation, org. Gregson Davis, Bruce B. Lawrence and Walter D. Mignolo, John Hope Franklin Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies, Duke University, Mar. 8-10.

2000 “Sacred and Social Families: Forging Relationships through Religion in Seventeenth-century Cuzco, Peru,” Rituals and Spirits: Religious Contact and Change in the Early Atlantic World, org. Jon Sensbach, Department of History, University of Florida, Gainesville, Oct. 6-7.

2000 “Stone and Spirit in Inka Architecture,” The Spiritual in Art, org. Carolyn Tate, College Art Association, New York, Feb. 23-26.

1999 “Making Difference in Cuzco,” Mapping Difference Onto Objects: Museums, Tourist Art, and Urban Space in Latin America, org. Jessica M. Mulligan and Fernando T. Armstrong, American Anthropological Association, Chicago, Nov. 17-21.

1999 “Inka (In)Vestments in Cuzco: Mid-Colonial Embodiments of the Pre-Hispanic Past,” History, Memory, and Representation: Indigenous People and Political Legitimacy in the Highlands of South America, org. Blenda Femenías and Maria Elena García, American Society for Ethnohistory, Mashantucket Pequot Museum and Research Center, Mashantucket, Connecticut, Oct. 20-24.

1999 “The Ambivalent Triumph: Corpus Christi in Colonial Cuzco,” The Festival of Corpus Christi: Ritual, Identity and Alternative Political Representation, org. Linda A. Curcio-Nagy, The Conference on Latin American History (in affiliation with The American Historical Association), Washington, D.C., Jan. 7-10.

1997 “Headdress and Redress: The Colonial Inka Maskapaycha,” session org. Joanne Rappaport and Tom Cummins, American Anthropological Association, Nov. 21-23.

1997 “(Head)dress for Success: The Maskapaycha in Mid-Colonial Peru,” Histories and Identities in Andean America, Critical History Workshop in Andean Studies/Taller de historia crítica en estudios andinos, Univ. of Florida, Apr. 14.

1997 “Another Other: Chuncho Dances in Colonial Peru,” Converging Cultures: A Symposium, Phoenix Art Museum, Jan. 25.

1996 “Los Carros del Corpus Cusqueño,” Museo de Antropología (Museo Inca), Cusco, Peru, Aug. 9.

1996 “Going Wild: Chunchos Dances in Colonial Peru,” What Rituals Did: Mexico and Peru, 1200-1700, org. Cecelia F. Klein, University of California, Los Angeles, Mar. 2.

1996 “Andean Androgyny and the Making of Men,” Recovering Gender in Prehispanic America, org. Cecelia F. Klein, Dumbarton Oaks Pre-Columbian Symposium, Washington, DC, Oct. 12-13.

1995 “Mesti-So What? The Implications of Stylistic Designations in the Early Scholarship on Colonial Peruvian Painting,” Mestizaje: Geography, Race, and Culture in Latin America, org. Natalia Majluf, College Art Association 83rd Annual Conference, San Antonio, Jan. 25-28.

1993 “Ten Little Indians: Images of Native American Children in Nineteenth-Century Advertising,”,Native Americans and the Popular Arts, org. Zena Pearlstone, Native American Art Studies Association, Santa Fe, Nov. 4-6.

1993 “From Taki to Danza: Indigenous Dances in Colonial Andean Festivals.” Ethnohistory Workshop, The University of Pennsylvania, Apr. 28.

1993 "Martial Art: Imagery and Aggression in Colonial Peruvian Festivals," Spanish Colonial Symposium, Denver Art Museum, Oct. 20-24.

1992 “The ‘New’ Inca: Costume and Ethnicity in Colonial Peru,” The "New" World? Art History and Hegemony in the Americas, org. Henry John Drewel, College Art Association Annual Conference, Chicago, Feb. 13-15.

1992 “Ethnic Conflict and Corpus Christi in Colonial Cuzco,” The Institute of Andean Studies annual conference, University of California, Berkeley, Jan. 10-11.