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Elliot Anderson: producer/ director/writer/design

Anderson an Associate Professor of Art and Digital Art and New Media at the University of California Santa Cruz and Co-Directs the Social Practice and Arts Research Center (SPARC). Anderson's work incorporates video, sound, interactivity, animation, and digital imaging. His work includes interactive computer sculptures and installation, public art, digital photography and computer-controlled interactive video sets for New Music and Dance performance.

Chelsea Cramer: 3D design/modeling

Daniel Christopher: Sound Design

Christopher earned an MFA from the Digital Arts & New Media (DANM) program at UC Santa Cruz. He is a lecturer and research associate at UCSC for 2012-13. His artwork explores ways to disrupt technologically-induced alienation in public places through architectural interventions creating opportunities for surprise and joy through interactivity.

Meredith Drum: Design Assistant

Drum creates cinema projects as linear screenings, interactive exhibitions and mobile media walking tours. She earned an MFA from the Digital Arts and New Media program at UCSC. She helps produce augmented reality apps, such as Silicon Monuments, with the team at Augmented Mountain Ltd.

Phoenix Toews: Software Designer/Progammer

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We are an Augmented Reality production group with a focus on creating narrative worlds located at specific sites.

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