Histories of Water

"In Histories of Water Franko takes a look at the bathing beauties in le Train Bleu, even as they lounge on a beach in Long Island in the aftermath on the TWA disaster. If there has ever been a thoroughly postmodern Millie, this is one of them."

--Rita Felciano, Bay Guardian 



"Histories of Water invites the viewer into a lush, engaging and haunting world peopled by mermaids, lost souls and ghosts. Inspired by Franko's feelings about water and the Long Island beaches where he spent his childhood summers, the dance unfolds in four theatrically based episodes--1. Ephemeris, 2. Sea Chant over Long Island, July, 3. Present Remains, 4. Movement for Departure.

Franko deftly intertwines contemporary music and dance with images, music and movement vocabulary from the Baroque and Art Nouveau time periods. Histories of Water ultimately explores a journey through presence, memory and loss--all embodied in the complex and sensual environment of the sea--culminating in a unique "composto" of baroque and modern dance."

--Stephanie Forster, ODC Theater

Histories of Water

choreography: Mark Franko

music composed by: Marin Marais, Claude Debussy, Oliver Messiaen, Nicolas Roussakis, and De Mr. Demachy

dancers: three

running time: one hour

For booking information:

contact Mark Franko by email

or in San Francisco at 1033 Stanyan Street, San Francisco, California 94117

or in New York at 35 West 92nd Street, 7D, New York, New York 10025

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