Le Marbre Tremble

Le Marbre Tremble

choreography: Mark Franko

music: Joanna Beyer, Toshiro Mayuzumi

costumes: Ivana Mestrovic and Laura Williams

photography: Ernestine Ruben

dancers: two

running time: 20 minutes

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This multi-media work unites dance and sculpture through movement against projected images of Pierre Puget's haunting Caryatids. The sculptor said of his work: "Marble trembles before me." Le Marbre Tremble was originally created for the Toulon Art Museum's for its photography exhibit: "The Body and Suffering: Black and White." The exhibit's organizers commissioned artists to reflect on baroque suffering and the body today.

Le Marbre Tremble

"The idea was beautiful: starting from the famous Atlas figures or Caryatids by Pierre Puget, projected on an immense screen (magnificent photography by Ernestine Ruben), the statues come to life, dismember, and re-member themselves. The dancer evolving their poses imitated the figures perfectly yet surrealistically, with lascivious, broken movements of an incredible technical control. the connection between the stone bodies and the dancers' bodies could not have been more perfect. This was a superb transference between mediums; it was original and breathtakingly beautiful. . . Mark Franko's choreography was both sumptuous and cut to the essential core; the costumes were sober yet in perfect osmosis with stone, the matrix from which the forms sprung forth."
-- Jacques Brachet, Nice-Matin

"Undeniably ingenious"
-- Jack Anderson, The New York Times

"A rush of excitement"
-- Backstage

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or in San Francisco at 1033 Stanyan Street, San Francisco, CA 94117
or in New York at 35 West 92nd Street, 7D, New York, N.Y. 10025.

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