Act I Scene 7

Lights up on GEORGE and MARTA who are seated in the audience of the performance that is the closing moments of the previous scene just after the NIGHTINGALE sings her last line. As lights come up, a soundscape appended to the performance can be heard—it is Audience Audiofile #3, 4, 5 set to music, the music of the NIGHTINGALE'S song. Following the audio sequence, applause that fades out and a lighting change signal a jump in time, and we see the couple walking along a city street home. In this improvisation, both GEORGE and MARTA bring out "old" chronic struggles, composed entirely of the issues raised in AA #3, 4, 5. Following the improv, the conversation takes a turn for the worse:

MARTA: George, do you even hear what you're saying? Listen to yourself! You're so lost in this (pointing to his head), you're not even here.

GEORGE continues to argue (improvised), escalating the conflict.

MARTA: You're trippin' out on me, George. It's all just a lot of psycho-babble. Emphasis on psycho.

GEORGE: Well, if you got out from behind the mixing board more and made some money, maybe you'd know what I'm talking about here. I mean, how come we can't talk about this like civilized human beings?

MARTA: Do you think I'm happy doing this with you?

GEORGE (continuing): You're just too damn pure with your art, aren't you. OK, fine be pure. On someone else's dime.

MARTA (taken aback): Are you threatening me? Because if you are, just say it to my face. I make my own way in the world. You don't own me like the rest of your precious collectibles just because we live together. Anyway you'd be completely lost without me.

GEORGE: Oh you think so?

MARTA: I do.

GEORGE: You flatter yourself. I don't need you. If you want to know the truth, I'm tired of you leaching off of me. You're not fresh out of college anymore, Marta. I mean, grow up and get a job. Nothing changes with you. Well, enough is enough—I'm done. (Pause. Then delivers the next line without making eye contact) You can leave your things at the apartment until you find your own place.

MARTA (speechless at first, then as GEORGE exits): I'm just one more page in the archive, huh, George.

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