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Jennie McDade

Professor of Art
Department of Visual Arts
Univ. of California
Santa Cruz




Awards and Honors



Reviews & Publications

"Haunted Landscapes," Christina Waters, Metro Santa Cruz, California, March 1999

"Human Encroachment on Land Documented in Upcoming Exhibit," Sandra Strawn, The Voice, February 1999

"Love for Land Makes for Beautiful Gallery Exhibit," Sandra Strawn, The Voice, March 1999

"Pure Vision: American Bead Artists," Mathew Kangas, Exhibits USA, 1996

American Craft, Vol. 55, No. 1:73 February - March, 1995

"Pure Beads," Debra Peebles, Forum Magazine, March, 1995

Art of California, Vol. 6, No.1: cover, p. 82, January, 1993

University of California, Santa Cruz
Division of the Arts