The Zocalo contains more than 700 years of history.

1500: the Aztec City, Tenochitlan, built on an island in the center of a lake....

El Zøcalo

a film by

Chip Lord and Gustavo Vazquez

El Zocalo is an observational portrait of Mexico City's central Plaza across one day in August. Soldiers, Aztec Dancers, clowns, food vendors, protestors, rain, dogs tourists, kites, balloons, and dignitaries all meet in the public space of the Zøcalo.

This documentary presents daily life in one of the world's most vibrant urban centers, begining and ending with a dream.

  • Produced by Chip Lord & Gustavo Vazquez
  • Directed by Chip Lord
  • Shot on digital video by Gustavo Vazquez
  • Sound Design and Music by Guillermo Galindo
  • Shot in Mexico City, August, 2001
  • 28 minutes
  • 2002

  • Dallas Video Festival, 2002
  • Festival Int'l del Cine, Jalisco, Mexico
  • SF Cinematheque, 2002
  • Santa Cruz Film Festival, 2003
  • Museo Nacional Centro de Arts Reina Sofia, Madrid, 2005
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distributed by Video Data Bank and Electronic Arts Intermix