>i>"All the others I let pass by, I only wanted you"

The Annotated "Lazy River Road"

An installment in The Annotated Grateful Dead Lyrics.
By David Dodd
Library, University of Colorado at Colorado Springs (The opinions expressed are those of the author, not of the University of Colorado.) Copyright notice; © 1995,1996, David Dodd
"Lazy River Road"
Words by Robert Hunter; music by Jerry Garcia
Copyright Ice Nine Publishing; used with permission

Way down upon Sycamore Slough
a white man sings the blues
selling roses of paper maché
with flecks of starlight dew
I swiped a bunch and threw it your way
where hazy moonlight glowed
Way down
down along
Lazy River Road

Way down upon Shadowfall Ward
End of the avenue
Run, hide, seek in your own backyard
Mama's backyard won't do
All night long I sang Love's Sweet Song
down where the water flowed
Way down
down along
Lazy River Road

Moonlight wails as hound dogs bay
but never quite catch the tune
Stars fall down in buckets like rain
till there ain't no standin' room
Bright blue boxcars train by train
clatter while dreams unfold
Way down
down along
Lazy River Road

Way down upon Seminole Square
belly of the river tide
call for me and I will be there
for the price of the taxi ride
Night time double-clutches into today
like a truck downshifting its load
Way down
down along
Lazy River Road

Thread the needle
right through the eye
The thread that runs so true
All the others I let pass by
I only wanted you
Never cared for careless love
but how your bright eyes glowed
Way down
down along
Lazy River Road

"Lazy River Road"

Not recorded.>

First performance: February 21, 1993, at the Oakland Coliseum Arena. Lazy River Road appeared in the first set, between "Greatest Story Ever Told" and "Eternity," which was also debuted at the show, along with "Liberty."

Sycamore Slough, Seminole Square, Shadowfall Ward

These three alliterative places appear to be fictitious, although there is a shopping center named "Seminole Square" in Charlottesville.

let pass by

Echoes of the line from "Scarlet Begonias":
"Had to learn the hard way to let her pass by..."

careless love

The title of a folk song formalized in 1921 by W.C. Handy, Spencer Williams, and Martha Koenig.
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