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The purpose of this website is to provide comprehensive start-up information for

graduate students hired as Teaching Assistants in the Division of the Arts. The

websites, employee checklists, and teaching outlines provided below should help

graduate students access everything from paychecks to narrative evaluation



Getting Started

* You have already received your Teaching Assistant employment offer from

Arts Division Academic Personnel Analyst, Teresa Locatelli. Once you have

emailed your intent to accept this employment, make an appointment to see

Teresa, at Porter College D-265, 831.459-3338, to sign all the paperwork

necessary to receive your paychecks.

* Contact the faculty member whose class you will be assisting. Make sure that

you fill out your TA Responsibility Checklist, sign it, and leave it with your faculty

supervisor (or department manager, in the case of Studio Art TAs). It is crucial

that this be done before you begin meeting with your class and discussion

sections. Check with your department about Checklist specifics.

* Finally, make sure you check with your department graduate student advisor

for details about the courses to which you have been assigned.

Departmental Contacts

Art: Hannah Pederson, Department Manager— 459-3574

Digital Arts/New Media: Felicia Rice, Department Manager — 459-1554

Film & Digital Media: Lynda Potzus, Department Manager — 459-3204

HAVC: Jenny Brown, Department Manager – 459-3198

Music: Laura McShane, Graduate Program Coordinator —459-3199

Theater ArtsMaerian Morris, Department Manager – 459-4784


Services for TAs - Forms & Packages to download

TA Responsibility Checklist

This must be signed by both TA and faculty at the start of the


TA Fact Sheet

Outlines the basics of what’s contractually required by the University

of California in terms of your graduate teaching assistant


TA Starter Package

A very useful, easy access guide to setting up your own discussion

sections, planning sections, teaching strategies, and other ideas and

suggestions to help you make the most of your teaching


Narrative Evaluation Guidelines - Invaluable pdf guide to drafting

comprehensive narrative evaluations.

Teaching Support

Committee for Teaching Excellence (CTE) - A goldmine of

information, strategies and contact links for teaching assistants.

Academic Resource Center - a collaborative providing students

access to academic and related resources which will enable them

to make a successful transition into the UCSC learning community

and to achieve their academic and personal goals.

Benefits Enrollment

(At Your Service) http://atyourservice.ucop.edu/

Call 1-800-888-8267 to reset password or if you need technical

help, or call UCSC Benefits Office at (831) 459-2013


General Info

Americans with Disabilities Act

Contains links to basic information about the ADA, compliance and

reasonable accommodations.

Employee Assistance Program

The EAP program offers employees confidential, no-cost assistance

with a variety of personal or workplace concerns,ranging from

stress and depression, to coping with grief and loss. This benefit

is confidential, and you have no co-pay for visits with a mental

health professional in your community.


Academic Information Systems (AIS)

Policies, Employee & Labor Relations



Personnel Policies & Union Contracts

Approximately 500 Teaching Assistants, Teaching Fellows and Associates-In are

employed at UCSC, and are represented by the United Auto Workers. The

bargaining agreement between the University and the Association of Student

Employees/UAW governs their employment. For more information about

Collective Bargaining, Salary scale and other union policy resources, check the

Staff Human Resources webpage.