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UCSC Musci Department
ISIM Festival


Porter College, University of California at Santa Cruz

ISIM, International Society for Improvised Music

In cooperation with the International Society for Improvised Music, with the generous support of Porter College Festival Funding at UCSC, and additional support from UCSC Music Department, the IAA and AAI, we will host a co-sponsored festival & conference of improvised, cross-cultural and interdisciplinary music and arts festival/conference. This is continuation of the Global African Music Festival series and a recent collaboration with International Society of Improvising Musicians that has grown out of 2007 and 2008 ISIM conferences.

The primary objectives and purpose of the UCSC Improvising Artists Festival and Conference (IAFC) is to host a collaborative set of joint events under the co-sponsorship of the annual International Society for Improvised Music Conference (ISIM) and a UCSC festival aimed at an ongoing effort entitled, “Rebuilding Global Community through the Arts.” Thus, the focus of the festival/conference is on creating an environment and infrastructure where people from different creative genres and disciplines can come together for a weekend to explore and imagine new avenues of interdisciplinary, cross-cultural discourse and interaction focused upon 21st century improvisation, diversity and change.

Kresge College, University of California at Santa Cruz

Kresge College is home to faculty who teach in a wide variety of departments including the Humanities, Arts, and the Social and Natural Sciences, as well as students who study everything from Creative Writing to Geology, Plant Conservation to Ancient History. We take pride in our cultural range, our civic concerns and our intellectual programs. We emphasize independent living and social responsibility, recognizing that creative alternatives emerge from the interaction of individual issues and group values.

Kresge was the sixth college established at the University of California, Santa Cruz. Founded in 1971, it was designed with the concept of participatory democracy as a means of encouraging a strong sense of community. The vision, which is now our tradition, was for the college to be a place where students enjoyed a sense of community, independence and self- expression.
- By: Juan Poblete, Kresge College Co-Provost

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