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Image Gallery: CULE Concert Posters 1992-2000

The following image gallery contains posters of various Cornell University "Jazz" Festivals and other performances of the Cornell University Lab Ensembles featuring internationally renowned guest artists from 1992-2000 (Dr. Karlton E. Hester, [then] Director). All Photos courtesy of the libraries of Karlton E. Hester.

1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000
Jaki Byard and Victor Goines poster

Joe Henderson poster

Donald Byrd photo Weston photo
Jaki Byard and Victor Goines launch the CULE "Jazz" Festival Series
2nd annual CU "Jazz" Festival with Joe Henderson
3rd annual CU "Jazz" Festival with Donald Byrd, Charles Tolliver, Ceclia Smith, and Phil Bowler
CULE Fall Concert with Cecil Taylor
4th annual CU "Jazz" Festival with Toshiko Akiyoshi, Pamela Wise, Nick Mathis, and Hesterian Musicism
Workshop with Dr. Karlton E. Hester and members of CULE
5th annual CU "Jazz" Festival with McCoy Tyner and Hesterian Musicism
6th annual CU "Jazz" Festival with Steve Turre, Akua Dixon, Charles Tolliver, Samite Mulondo (Uganda), and Hesterian Musicim
Donald Byrd returns as CULE's special guest
Randy Weston and Benny Powell perform at the 1999 CULE "Jazz" Festival
9th annual CU "Jazz" Festival with Adela Dalto, Akua Dixon, Pamela Wise, and Hesterian Musicism
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Received: August 1999
Posted: 08/22/2002