Lou Harrison, 1996 (photo by Frederic Lieberman)


Composing a World

by Leta E. Miller and Fredric Lieberman
(book with enclosed CD)


Oxford University Press
New York
Release Date: July 10, 1998

Lou Harrison, 1996 (photo by Fredric Lieberman)


Large metallophone with aluminum slab keys

PLATE from Chapter 6: "Instruments Foraged, Modified, or Invented." Large metallophone wtih aluminum slab keys and stacked #10 tin cans as resonators, played by Harrison's archivist, Charles Hanson (photo by Fredric Lieberman)

PLATE from Chapter 6: "Instruments Foraged, Modified, or Invented." Suspended cut-off oxygen tanks, portable organ (photo by Fredric Lieberman)


Part I: Biography

Chapter 1: West Coast Prelude (1917-43)
Chapter 2: East Coast Fugue (1943-53)
Chapter 3: California Toccata (1953-present)

Part II: The Artist's World

Chapter 4: Music and the Dance
Chapter 5: Tuning and Temperament
Chapter 6: Instruments Foraged, Modified, or Invented
Chapter 7: Lou Harrison and East Asian Music
Chapter 8: The Gamelan Ideal: Imagined, Imported, Invented
co-authored with Jonathon Grasse
Chapter 9: Sounding Off: Music and Politics
Chapter 10: Harrison, Homosexuality, and the Gay World
Chapter 11: Assembling the Pieces: The Compositional Process
Chapter 12: Not Just Music: Criticism, Poetry, Art, and Typography


Catalog of the Works of Lou Harrison:

By Leta E. Miller and Charles Hanson

Editorial Procedures
Alphabetical Index by Title
Index by Medium and Genre
Chronological List of Works
Selected Bibliography

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