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A World Composed

*Simfony #13 (1941) (UC Santa Cruz Percussion Ensemble; Wm. Winant, dir.)

*Improvisations in Greek tunings (early 1970s) (Lou Harrison and Richard Dee, harp.)

*Cinna (Suite for Tack Piano; 1957) (Lou Harrison, tack piano.)

Strict Songs (1955), mvt. 3 (UC Santa Cruz Orchestra and Chamber Singers, N. Paiement, cond.)

*Simfony in Free Style (1955) (Electronic realization by David Doty)

*Hyi Mun (Hùimun; Korea, 15th century) (Transcribed and realized by Lou Harrison. Lou Harrison, p'iri; Richard Dee, bowed zither; William Colvig, pak and bells.)

The Garden at One and a Quarter Moons (1964; rev. 1966) (Lou Harrison, cheng.)

*Gending in Honor of the Poet Virgil (1981; rev. 1985) (Gamelan Si Betty; T. Neilson, dir.)

Pacifika Rondo (1963), mvt. 6 (Oakland Youth Orchestra, R. Hughes, cond.)

*Peace Piece 2: Passages 25 (1968) (E. Townsend, tenor; Cabrillo Music Festival Orchestra, G. Samuel,cond.)

*Three Songs (1985), mvt. 1 (Portland Gay Men's Chorus. G. Seeley, cond.)

Symphony on G (1947-64), mvt. 1 (Royal Philharmonic Orch, G. Samuel, cond.)


*=First recording
Total time: 73:49


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