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External Funding Sources Deadlines Amounts
American Council of Learned Societies 3-Oct-08 $30,000 - $60,000
ACLS Digital Innovation Grants 1-Oct-08 $25,000 - $55,000
Center for Cultural Innovation January up to $15,000 for equipment, materials, catalogs & marketing
Investing in Artists individual grants
National Endowment for the Arts various
Access to Artistic Excellence 10-Mar-08 $5,000 - $150,000
National Endowment for the Humanities
Digital Humanities Challenge Grants 1-May-08 varied - requires 3 to 1 match
National Science Foundation various varied
requires application via
Campus & UC funding sources
Academic Senate Committee on Research Faculty Research Grants 8-Apr $1,500 for tenured; $2,000 for non-tenured; additional $500 possible
Academic Senate Committee on Research Special Research Grants 8-Apr $15,000 indiv/$20,000 collaborative
Academic Senate COR Travel to Scholarly Conference Grant no deadline $650/conference yearly; $1000 every third year
Instructional Improvement Grants:Course Development Fellowships 8-Jan one course relief
Instructional Improvement Grants: Mini-Grants 8-May up to $2000
Instructional Improvement Grants: Major Grants 8-Jan up to $15,000
UC Institute of European Studies France-Berkeley Fund 1/31/08 up to $10,000
UC MEXUS varies varies
UC Pacific Rim Research Program 4-Jan-08 $5000 - $30,000
UC President's Research Fellowships in the Humanities 8-Oct $25,000
sabbatical credits required
Faculty Artist Residencies
Djerassi Resident Artists Program 15-Feb-08 4-5 week residencies, supporting housing, studio space & meals
MacDowell Colony 3 times a year; variable up to 8 weeks studio & board
Yaddo Jan 1, and Aug 1, 2008 up to 8 weeks studio & board