The Brain Opera Web site accepts sound and image submissions. Users are asked to record their own voices answering questions about their own personal thought processes; for example - what is your earliest memory, how do you remember it? -when you remember is your memory an image? a sequence of images? do you remember sounds? how do you associate sounds and images with memories? can you recreate and record any of these sounds for submission? User's are asked to submit still photographs, original drawings or short film or video sequences that represent or trigger memories of personal significance. These sounds and images are collected and integrated into the Brain Opera through systems developed specifically for this purpose.

For example, with the "Pic-cel" system, shown above, a full-screen video image is constructed from smaller scale video sequences or "pic-cels." The contrast and color values of the smaller "pic-cel" images are mapped to the color and contrast values of the primary image the primary image sequence is then reconstructed frrom "pic-cels" of the second image sequence