Exhibition: April 16 - May 17, 2008
Interruption of Hierarchies

Kianga Ford

Martha Rosler

This Is Not The Forum
Joseph DeLappe

Jennifer Parker + Tina Takemoto

Lizabeth Eva Rossof

GALLERY INFORMATION: The Sesnon Gallery encourages interdisciplinary discourse through the lens of the arts.

Gallery hours: Tuesday-Saturday noon to 5:00PM

The gallery is located at Porter College, University of California, Santa Cruz and is wheelchair accessible. Admission is free and parking is free on Saturdays. For further information please call 831/459-3606



Curated by Shelby Graham
Sesnon Gallery, UCSC

Exhibition: April 16 - May 17
Opening Reception: Wed., April 16, 5-7pm
Festival Reception: Fri., May 16, 6-10pm
Sesnon Gallery, Porter College, UCSCwith Neighborhood Public Radio (NPR)

Joseph DeLappe, Kianga Ford, Josh Greene, Packard Jennings, Dee Hibbert-Jones + Nomi Talisman, Jennifer Parker + Tina Takemoto, Martha Rosler, Lizabeth Eva Rossof

Interventionist practices use interruptions to question norms by using humor, surprise, and unusual associations to overturn assumptions about the world and existing hierarchies. Greater demands are made on audiences, moving them from the contemplative to an active engagement with the world and the everyday. We invite you to experience the Sesnon Gallery as “lounge” complete with an “art bar” for critical conversations, surround-sound sofas, a virtual library, a video game called “Dead in Iraq,” and appliances you can “rant” into.

The Sesnon Gallery's exhibition Interruption of Hierarchies runs April 16-May 17, 2008 as part of the Intervene! Interrupt! Rethinking Art as Social Practice festival hosted by UC Santa Cruz, May 15-17. Sponsored by UCSC: Porter College; Art Department; Arts Division; the Charles Griffin Farr Fund; and the Center for Art and Visual Studies (CAVS) “Museum Without Walls” project.

Intervene! Interrupt! Rethinking Art as Social Practice Festival
Hosted by UC Santa Cruz,
May 15, 16, 17

Breaking the boundaries of conventional arts practice, the Interventions Festival takes art performance, websites, objects and events out of the gallery and into other social and public spaces to explore politics and everyday life. For the month of May, events will be held on the UCSC campus, the LAB San Francisco, the San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art, and the Santa Cruz Film Festival. For more information or to register for festival events, please visit http://may2008.artintervention.org/.

Related events during the Festival:

May 14, 5-7pm @ Cowell Conference Room, Cowell College, UCSC
Visual and Performance Studies (VPS) pre-conference Seminar
“Interruption as a Curatorial Practice” with Larry Rinder and Judith Rodenbeck, moderated by Catherine Soussloff.

May 15, 11-1pm @ Kresge Town Hall, Kresge College, UCSC
“Interruption of Hierarchies:” How do galleries and academic institutions accommodate interventionist art's demands on audiences? Panelists: Josh Greene, Shannon Jackson, Nato Thompson and Tina Takemoto, moderated by Larry Rinder.

May 16, 7-8:30pm Dinner with India Joze at Porter College
(reservation required http://may2008.artintervention.org/) at Porter College Dining Patio
Ant Farm inflatable museum on Porter grounds all day with projections after dark.