Anak Swarasanti's Adventures

These are some of Gamelan Anak Swarasanti's performances... Click on the pictures for more details.

Harmony 4x4, August 1997

Gamelan Anak Swarasanti's first performance was at the Harmony 4x4 weekend in the Sierra Mountains, not far from Lake Tahoe. The setting was magical - an open-air site amidst beautiful mountains and forests. We took a small group, hastily assembled for the occasion, and played a long trancey set for two hours, accompanied in part by Rob Rayle and later Randy Cone on electronic keyboards. Randy had set up the ambient space in which we played with a huge white parachute as a canopy, with our Balinese umbrellas and temple flags to add to the ambience. It was one of our favourite performances ever in an unforgettable setting, and gave us a glimpse of what we could do in an extended experimental format.

Expansion2.0, February 28 1998

Anak Swarasanti's next performance was at the Expansion2.0 party held at Organic Online in San Francisco. This time we brought a bigger group of about twelve players, so the sound was very different. Playing with us was noted Bay Area ambient musician Charles Uzzell-Edwards (fax records), who added some nice minimal electronics. We played a fifty minute set which was remarkably tight and got an incredible response from the audience. This was an indoor event, with fabulous artwork as a backdrop. It was at this event that the personnel for Anak Swarasanti's main incarnation was established.

Unity, June 27 1998

Unity was a huge benefit party in Oakland - we played with Rob Rayle again - a similar set to the one we played at Expansion2.0 in the ambient room amidst a background of beautiful psychedelic art. It was a smaller group this time due to summer vacations, but it turned out beautifully.

Harmony 5-Year Anniversary, July 10 1998

The Harmony 5-Year Anniversary was another beautiful open-air event held in typical Harmony style, with amazing props (imagine a 16-foot high Stonehenge circle, and a 12-foot high flower garden!), and the wonderful Harmony vibe amongst the rolling hills of golden grass east of San Francisco. We played with an even smaller group this time - only five players - but it came out fine. Just as we were finishing, at around 2:15am, the police decided to shut the event down. Oh well....

Food Bin, Santa Cruz, August 30 1998

The Food Bin/Herb Room - a popular Santa Cruz store - asked us to do a free concert on a sunny Sunday afternoon in the little garden adjoining the store. We had just received our new set of marching gamelan (beleganjur) instruments from Bali, and had invited our friend Nyoman Wenten up to Santa Cruz for a beleganjur workshop that weekend, so only one day after we first started to play the beleganjur we were performing on it! Fortunately it went beautifully - the beleganjur is a fabulous addition to our group, with crashing cymbals and spooky reyong interlock. This gig was a really informal, fun afternoon and a nice opportunity to play with Pak Wenten and his wife Ibu Nanik in an informal setting - it all felt very Balinese.

Camp Harmony campout, August 14 1999

Camp Harmony was held in the same breathtaking location as the Harmony 4x4 event two years earlier, in the high Sierra mountains. We took eight people this time, playing partly a set of traditional pieces as well as extended versions with electronics. We got a great reception and some lovely reviews. This time we played with our friend AndyW, who accompanied us on Moog, electronic treatments, and tabla.

Children of the Sun, February 11 2000

Children of the Sun's "Sunshine of Your Love" was a pre-Valentine's Day celebration held in San Jose at a rather interesting venue...

Warmth, March 25 2000

Warmth's "Transitions" was a very special evening for us. The Warmth organizers had planned the event making the gamelan an integral part of the evening's proceedings. We played for a very special meditation ceremony at midnight, which was a key part of the evening and set the tone for the rest of the event. The artwork and visuals were breathtaking, like this projection which hung above our heads as we played, as a huge backdrop to the gamelan.

Seabright Circus Solstice Parade, June 24 2000

The Seabright Circus Solstice Parade was a procession through the streets of Santa Cruz, featuring floats, circus performers, and all kinds of performing artists. We brought the beleganjur and played non-stop for over an hour.

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