Batuan's Artist's Center

Another lazy day hanging out in Ubud. We took this photo of a flower which we think is a Crinum - a tropical lily. We decided to wander down to Batuan's artist's colony in the south of Ubud.

We'd first heard about Batuan through the incredible documentary series on Indonesia done by the Blair brothers about 10 years ago. He had befriended them when they came to live in Bali - Lawrence Blair still has a house in Nyuh Kuning. Batuan was an artist and the Blairs had helped him set up a sort of artist's center in Ubud where artists could come and work. Batuan himself was, I believe, killed in a motor cycle accident later, but his artist's center lives on. We walked down there to see what was up. It's a sleepy little out of the way place, but there were a few artists working on sculptures. We looked at the little gallery they had there, and liked this unfinished drawing of African animals - which the Balinese artist had probably never himself seen.

We also liked this one of the Barong.

The rest of the day we spent watching the rice grow from our balcony. The farmer was out again, but his friend wasn't there today. Had she gone home?

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Photos: Astrid, Martin and Julia Randall
All content copyright (c) 2001, Astrid, Martin and Julia Randall