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The Annotated Robert Hunter Discography

An installment in The Annotated Grateful Dead Lyrics.
By David Dodd
Library, University of Colorado at Colorado Springs
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Recordings of Robert Hunter:

Part IV of the Annotated Grateful Dead Discography

    All-Music Guide entry

    Relix Records: RRCD 2003

    Cover painting by Maureen Hunter

    Tracks: (All songs by Robert Hunter)

    1. "Roseanne"
    2. "Amagamalin Street"
    3. "Gypsy Parlor Light"
    4. "Rambling Ghost"
    5. "Ithaca"
    6. "Don't Be Deceived"
    7. "Taking Maggie Home"
    8. "Out of the City"
    9. "Better Bad Luck"
    10. "Streetwise"
    11. "Face Me"
    12. "Where Did You Go?"
    13. "13 Roses"


    All-Music Guide entry

    Rykodisc: RCD 10214


    1. "Box of Rain": m: Lesh; w: Hunter
    2. "Scarlet Begonias": m: Garcia; w: Hunter
    3. "Franklin's Tower": m: Garcia; w: Hunter
    4. "Jack Straw": m: Weir; w: Hunter
    5. "Brown-eyed Women": m: Garcia; w: Hunter
    6. "Reuben & Cherise": m: Garcia; w: Hunter
    7. "Space"
    8. "Deal": m: Garcia; w: Hunter
    9. "Promontory Rider": Hunter
    10. "Ripple": m: Garcia; w: Hunter
    11. "Boys in the Barroom": Hunter
    12. "Stella Blue": m: Garcia; w: Hunter


  4. JACK O' ROSES (1980)

    Dark Star Records: DSLP8001

    Artwork: Trevor Wright; photograph: Roy Wilbraham


    (All lyrics and music by Hunter except where noted)

    1. "Box of Rain": m: Lesh [says Garcia on record label]
    2. "Reuben and Cerise": m: Garcia [says Lesh on record label]
    3. "Talkin' Money Tree"
    4. "Friend of the Devil": m: Garcia & Dawson
    5. "Delia DeLyon and Stagger Lee": melody trad.
    6. "Lady of Carlisle": trad. arr. Hunter
    7. "Book of Daniel": m: Freiberg
    8. "Terrapin": m: Garcia
      • a- "Lady With a Fan"
      • b- "Terrapin Station"
      • c- "Ivory Wheels/Rosewood Track"
      • d- "Jack O'Roses"
    9. "Prodigal Town"


    All-Music Guide entry

    Relix Records: RRLP2029; RRCD 2029

    Produced by Robert Hunter

    The Band:

    Cover art by Maureen Hunter

    Tracks: (All songs by Robert Hunter)

    1. "Liberty"
    2. "Cry Down the Years"
    3. "Bone Alley"
    4. "Black Shamrock"
    5. "Song Goes On"
    6. "Do Deny"
    7. "Worried Song"
    8. "Come and Get It"
    9. "When a Man Loves A Woman"

  6. LIVE '85

    All-Music Guide entry

    Relix Records: RRLP2002; RRCD 2002

    "A Retrospective Collection"

    " "Boys", "Train", "Rum Runners" and "Door" from the album Tales of the Great Rum Runners; "Hooker's", "Promontory", and "Carole" from the album Alligator Moon; "Tiger Rose", from the album Tiger Rose; "Carlisle", and "Prodigal" from the album Jack O'Roses; "Touch of Darkness" recorded in concert, NYC November '81"

    Cover art by Gary Kroman; photo by Robert Minkin

    Tracks: (songs by Hunter, except where noted)

    1. "Boys In The Bar Room"
    2. "That Train Don't Run Here Anymore"
    3. "Tiger Rose"
    4. "Hooker's Ball"
    5. "Standing At Your Door"
    6. "Promontory Rider"
    7. "Touch of Darkness"
    8. "It Must Have Been the Roses"
    9. "Rum Runners"
    10. "Drunkard's Carole"
    11. "Lady of Carlisle": trad.; arr. Hunter
    12. "Prodigal Town"

  8. ROCK COLUMBIA (1986)

    All-Music Guide entry

    Relix Records: RRLP2019; RRCD 2019

    Produced by Robert Hunter

    Cover art: Maureen Hunter


    Tracks: (All songs by Robert Hunter)
    1. "Eva"
    2. "End of the Road"
    3. "I Never See You"
    4. "Aim at the Heart"
    5. "Kick It on Down"
    6. "What'll You Raise?"
    7. "Who, Baby, Who?"
    8. "Rock Columbia"


    CD: Rykodisc: RCD 20265

    Spoken word album.


    1. Pride Of Bone
    2. Gingerbread Man
    3. Idiot's Delight (excert)
    4. A Red Dog's Decoration Day
    5. Trapping A Muse
    6. Jaaz #3
    7. Toad In Love
    8. Rimbaud At Twenty
    9. Rain In A Courtyard
    10. Way Of The Ride
    11. Sentinel
    12. Preserpie And Senti Yagoya
    13. Poets On Poets
    14. Like A Basket
    15. Yagritz
    16. Cocktails With Hindemith
    17. Blue Moon Alley
    18. The New Jungle
    19. Full Moon Cafe
    20. Tango Hit Palace
    21. Exploding Diamond Blues
    22. Rainwater Sea
    23. Holigomena


    All-Music Guide entry

    Art: Rick Griffin

    Tracks: (songs by Hunter)

    1. "Lady Simplicity"
    2. "That Train"
    3. "Cry Dusty Road"
    4. "I Heard You Singing"
    5. "Rum Runners"
    6. "Children's Lament"
    7. "Maybe She's a Bluebird"
    8. "Boys In the Barroom"
    9. "It Must Have Been the Roses"
    10. "Arizona Lightning"
    11. "Standing At Your Door"
    12. "Mad"
    13. "Keys to the Rain"

    "Directed by R. Hunter"

  11. TIGER ROSE (1974)

    All-Music Guide entry

    Produced and arranged by Jerry Garcia

    Cast of characters:

    Art & design by Kelley & Mouse

    Tracks: (all songs by Hunter)

    1. "Tiger Rose"
    2. "One Thing To Try"
    3. "Rose of Sharon"
    4. "Wild Bill"
    5. "Dance A Hole"
    6. "Cruel White Water"
    7. "Over The Hills"
    8. "Last Flash of Rock 'N Roll"
    9. "Yellow Moon"
    10. "Ariel"

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Last revised: October 10, 1996