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Theater in Color

BY Wendy Leung

What happens to a dream deferred? For Langston Hughes, a dream may fester like a sore - or explode.

For the African American Theater Arts Troupe, a dream explodes into a full - fledged, aura-altering, spirits-soaring gospel.

On February 9, the African American Theater Troupe will rock UC Santa Cruz with Tambourines to Glory, a full musical of gospel music, comedy and drama all rolled into one.

"Tambourines to Glory is a fun show," says Director Don William’s. "It is written in a cartoonish un-offensive way. It shows the good and bad side of God's creation."

Tambourines to Glory consist of a 28 person cast including students and staff. It is about two women who have been evicted from their housing and teased by the devil; during the lowest point in their lives. Overcome by greed, they open a street corner church which eventually turns into a church with thunderous tambourines.

Tambourines in Glory will be playing on February 9, 10 at 8pm end February 11 at 7pm. All shows will be at the Performing Arts Main Stage.

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