Art 28, Intro/Figure Sculpture

The class objective for beginning students is to give them an opportunity to work directly from a live model which will improve their skills of observation, starting with clay, then exploring the possibilities of plastilina and wax. There may be several figurative assignments, as well as abstractions. Emphasis will be on proportion, composition, texture and other design elements, aided by means of observation. Critiques slide lectures and class discussion introduce students to the contemporary and historical activity in the field of classic and contemporary figuration. Class meets three times a week, including Fridays. In order to meet time deadlines, class attendance is critical. More than three absences can cause failure.

Art 139, Inter/Advanced Sculpture

The basic elements of casting, leading up to direct work in the foundry. The techniques include work with wax, gating, investing, pouring the metal, chasing and applying the patina. Class meets three times a week, including Fridays. Prerequisite course Art 28.

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