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Post-Tonal Cycle cont.

Violin Concerto (Violin, Orchestra, 2012)
Cello Concerto (cello, orchestra, 1979)
Afterlife (orchestra, 1982)
Into the Celestial Spaces (choir, ensemble, 2005)
Children of Darkness (Chamber Ensemble, 2009)
Piano Variations (Piano solo 2009)
Ballet Antigone (Orchestra 2009)
Octet for Strings (String Octet 2009)
Koosharem (chamber ensemble, 1973)
Triplum (piano, flute, 1973)
Requiem for Bosque Redondo (brass choir, 1974)
Arena (cello, tape, 1974)
Parallax (piano, 1974)
Re-Birth (orchestra, 1975)
Rituals (cello, 1976)
Threshold and Visions (orchestra, 1977)
Cradle Falling (opera, 1985)
Songs from the Navajo (soprano, chamber ensemble, 1995)
I remember Him (gayageum, 2005)
Asymmetries (gayageum, 2006)
Choir of Memory (SATB, Orchestra, 2008)
Spires (electronic, 1956)
Three 2-Part Inventions (piano, 1960)
Three Pieces (clarinet, 1965)
Five Pieces (flute, bassoon, cello, 1966)
Towers (chamber ensemble, 1968)
Birds (electronics, 1968)
Margins (chamber ensemble, 1972)
Triplum (flute and piano, 1973)
Requiem for Bosque Redondo (brass choir, 1974)
1,000 works (with Emmy) (1980-2003)
Cradle Falling (opera, 1985)
5,000 works (with Emmy) (1992)
Horizons (orchestra, 1994)
Organ Concerto (organ, orchestra, 2000)
Endangered Species (chamber ensemble, 2004)
From Darkness, Light (with Emily Howell) (two pianos, 2004)
5,000 chorales (with Emmy) (2005)
Shadow Worlds (with Emily Howell) (disklaviers, 2005)
Land of Stone (with Emily Howell) (chamber ensemble, 2007)
Silver Blood (with Emily Howell) (orchestra, 2010)
SpaceTime (with Emily Howell) (electronic, 2011)
Breathless (with Emily Howell) (percussion, 2011)
From the Willows Keep (with Emily Howell) (electronic, 2011)
Coming Home (with Emily Howell) (electronic, 2012)
Prescience (with Alena) (orchestra, 2012)
Transcendence (orchestra, 2012)