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Recordings Policy

The Department of Studies in Music will record all concert performances produced under its sponsorship. This includes faculty recitals, April in Santa Cruz productions, credited student ensemble concerts, sponsored student recitals, and other events as directed by the board. These tapes are used for personnel actions, student evaluations, teaching, research, fund raising, and recruitment of students and faculty. Master CD's are the property of the university, and will be kept for at least ten years after the date of the performance. A CD copy of the Master CD will be given to the principal for each recital. Additional copies may be obtained upon payment of a duplication fee ($10.00 per copy, and $20 per cassette). This fee reflects the cost of materials and student labor.

The university reserves the right to distribute CD's or excerpts for outreach (including playback on non-profit radio), fund raising, or scholarly purposes. All other rights remain with the performers. A faculty member may at any time request that a tape be marked as confidential. It will then be treated as part of the faculty member's personnel record, and not made available to the public.

Tours and performances outside of Santa Cruz County will not normally be recorded. If qualified personnel and equipment are available, an ensemble director may have a student engineer travel with a group on the same basis as the performers.

Recording services in support of scholarly activities other than public performances will be available on a recharge basis, depending on availability of equipment and personnel. Rates for such functions will be set so as to reflect the cost of personnel and equipment depreciation.

Recording Methods and Personnel

It is the intention of the board to produce the highest quality recordings possible within budget limitations and without intruding on the enjoyment of the concert. For this reason, documentary style (two microphone) recording techniques will be used. For performances where the size of the ensemble or the genre of the music dictate a multiple microphone recording, the principal of the recital must confer with the recording engineer well in advance of the performance. Compliance with such requests will depend on availability of equipment and personnel.

The Music Department employs a professionally qualified recording engineer to make and supervise recordings. He is part time, and can schedule up to three recordings per week. When the concert schedule becomes crowded, student recitals, second performances of ensembles, and concerts added with short notice may be recorded by student engineers.

Recording services equipment is not available for loan or rental. Recording equipment may be checked out from the music facilities office or the Electronic Music Studio. Arrangements for sound reinforcement or concert playback are made through the production assistant.

When a research project is produced by a non-university engineer, one of our student engineers may be employed as an assistant if access to recording services equipment is needed.


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